Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 5 recap – “The Dead Speak”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2021
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 2, episode 5 - The Dead Speak


Episode 5 is starting to make the story look a little bonkers, but it is too late, we are strapped in!

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 5, “The Dead Speak,” contains spoilers. 

The episode is titled “The Dead Speak,” which gives me shudders, but only because it represents the beginning of the last Star Wars film — what a cheesy line.

Well, we needed context; the start of Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 5 shows what happened at Chema’s house; after Chema stabbed Moncho in the back, he dies. Clara, Lorenzo, and Chema are in an extremely shit position. They wash themselves down and bury the body. It was revealed in the last episode that they built it on a new building site — the body will be found. Chema asks Alex for help, which is ironic, as he keeps complaining about how he’s an ex-con and doesn’t want to return to prison — he’s now complicit in covering up a murder. Chema uses this as an opportune time to tell Alex that he’s always loved him and never wanted him to go to prison. Alex accepts his words but says he will never a favour from him eventually.

Marifer sees the video of Elisa

Episode 5 shows that Marifer is still lurking around, and this time she has gained more information — she’s also talking to Nicandro.

In the present, Marifer tells Alex that she’s glad Cesar is dead — she calls him a pig. Alex is confused that the police never questioned him after Cesar committed suicide in front of his house — he reminds the audience that yet again, he’s an ex-con. Marifer sees a video with Elisa’s name on it and plays it in Alex’s living room — you can hear Elisa getting tortured. Marifer is panicking, so Alex tells her to get out of his house. How was he expecting her to react?

 Digging up the body

Knowing that the body will be found, Chema and Lorenzo need to dig up the body. Flashbacks show Lorenzo, Chema and Clara arguing about what to do with the body — Clara believes they should argue self-defence, but Lorenzo, the lawyer understands the evidence at play — they have nothing to prove self-defence. In the present, Lorenzo and Chema are digging away.

Cesar is dead 

When the head of the family dies, it sends reverberations — what does it mean for the make-up of the family? Who takes charge? Episode 5 brings forth the next phase of the Lazcano family. Mariana and Sofia find out about the death of Cesar, which brings an emotional undertone to the series. Word spreads around the family quickly — the father is dead. Chema is in so much shock that he stops digging with Lorenzo and drives off.

Chema and Lorenzo meet up and embrace. As for Mariana, she starts hurting herself — as she sobs, she hallucinates and sees Cesar behind her.

Chema told his father that he loved Alex

It’s time to believe Chema — Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 5 proves he’s always had Alex’s back and did fight back against his family.

In a flashback, Chema begs his parents to get Alex out of prison. His parents shrug him off, and they do not seem to care that Alex’s mother is sick. Cesar calls Chema’s words the usual drama, but then Chema reveals that he’s in love with Alex. His homophobic parents are in shock, and Cesar beats him. Cesar then gives Rodolfo a job and tells him he isn’t fit to be a man of this family; he also tells him he wishes Alex was his son, not him.

Elisa is not in a good place

We finally get to see Elisa in episode 5 — she’s not in a good way. Sergio talks about how “politically correctness” angers him and that it’s easy to hurt younger people. Elisa spits in his face. In flashbacks, Elisa sees what Sergio is capable of — when she was a young girl, she saw the man abuse women. In the present day, Sergio calls Elisa’s family disgusting, who has taken advantage of their wealth. He believes the mansions and assets should all belong to him. He’s bitter as he’s spent all his life saving her father’s life.

Alex receives video footage of Elisa getting kidnapped 

It isn’t easy to gauge what side Marifer is on and what her true intentions are.

Marifer, as Diane the Huntress, sends Alex a video of Elisa getting kidnapped — he is annoyed that Diane the Huntress recorded it and did nothing about it. Meanwhile, Nicandro and Marifer are hanging out. Nicandro asks, “what did the Lazcano family do”. Marifer responds with, “Lazcano and Sara”, suggesting that Sara is also part of her grievance. When Alex looks at the video footage properly, he realises that Sergio is in it. He checks out the vehicle’s licence plate and the rental place from where the car is from.

The ending

Alex digs deeper into Abel Martinez. Flashbacks show Sara meeting Abel again at the psychiatric facility. She gives her father a secret package. In the present day, Alex is still trying to figure out what the connection is. Rodolfo and Chema head to Alex’s place, and Rodolfo wants to know why his father committed suicide. Alex gives them the tape with Elisa’s name on it — he explains that she’s been kidnapped by Sergio, which is why their father visited him. He asks for their help. Rodolfo is furious — he cannot relax; he wants to call the police. He storms out, but Alex tells Chema that he will help find Elisa.

As the episode ends, it’s revealed that Cesar faked his own death — he pretended to pull the trigger as someone nearby shot a real gun. However, this can ONLY be believable if the police and authorities are in on it. There’s no way they could have passed him off as dead without checking him — they’d be no bullet wound.

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 5 is starting to make the story look a little bonkers, but it is too late, we are strapped in!

Additional points
  • Sofia checks up on Bruno, who is chilling and listening to hip hop. He has an attitude about him now. She tells him that he’s off to the USA with his father. Bruno declines and calls her a widow now. Sofia then has contractions, and Bruno’s attitude suddenly dissipates, and he helps her out.
  • Officer Morales meets with Lorenzo, and she wants to talk to him about Moncho — he plays it cool.

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