Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 4 recap – “It’s All on You”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2021
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 2, episode 4 - It's All on You


Episode 4 continues to level up the plot as characters hold more secrets, and the objective is truly not a “whodunit” anymore.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 4, “It’s All on You,” contains spoilers. 

After an explosive first three chapters, we are in the end game now, with the story moving forward!

Episode 4 opens with a flashback; Marifer rings Sara and asks for her help, but she declines and tells her she’s going away with the Lazcano family. Marifer is furious; she can’t believe her best friend abandoned her. Merged scenes show Marifer telling Clara that the Lazcano’s is not their family — she spies on Sara while she’s on her summer break. Before Sara goes away with the Lazcano family, her mother Lucia is worried — she asks Alex to look after her.

Still no information on the corpse

In the present day, Alex tells Lorenzo that he’s running out of time — it’s six months later, and there is no information on the corpse. He worries about being locked up. Lorenzo offers another motion to extend things, but Alex declines, stating that he will do things his way. He messages Diane the Huntress (this is Marifer), but Marifer thinks it is not time to message back yet.

In the evening, Alex is chased by someone in a car, but when he tries to see who it is, they drive off — it was Nicandro.

Sara wanted to be part of Nicandro’s drug dealing

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 4 gives more context to the kind of person Sara was — she was manipulative and sneaky.

In the flashbacks, Nicandro visits Sara at her home. Nicandro accuses Sara of ruining his scar by scratching it and wonders why she is following him. Sara wants to help him out with the drug dealing; she seduces him, and they both start kissing. Sara asks for an advance, but Nicandro declines — Sara touches him up, so he agrees. Nicandro asks about Alex, and Sara says she loves him. Marifer opens the bedroom door and sees them in the same room; she chases Nicandro outside and tells him that Sara is not okay.

Mariana has brought in Sofia

Mariana is at Church; Cesar is missing, and Elisa is in Europe. So she’s taking Sofia into her home to look after her; she wants to help with her baby, believing it is her duty. Sofia meets up with her son’s birth father and asks him to take their son Bruno back to the USA — she tells him that she and Rodolfo are getting a divorce.

Prison break

In prison, Sergio is doing the laundry shift; he kills one of the guards. Then, liaising with the other guards and inmates, he has managed to plot his escape.

Obtaining files 

Alex has always been resourceful, and episode 4 shows he knows how to make his way through a building.

Alex breaks into what looks like a morgue and looks through the archives. He finds a file of interest, which says, “Abel Martinez Osorio — Mexico City”. He messages Diane the Huntress about that name, and she replies, saying it’s time they meet. Flashbacks show Marifer hearing screams from the boat to where Sara has fallen — she was spying on Sara at the time.

Elisa returns, and Chema is tormented 

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 4 relies on Elisa returning as it’s significant to the plot, especially after what Cesar did to Sergio.

She returns home. Chema picks her up. Chema tells his sister he’s hanging in there — he explains that Cesar has disappeared and has no idea what is going on. Flashback shows Chema and Lorenzo digging a grave for Moncho. After Elisa has met Chema, she is kidnapped by Sergio and his men.

Burying the body in the wrong place

Chema meets Lorenzo and tells him he is not coping well — he claims to be having nightmares. He wants Lorenzo to come home. Lorenzo references the man (Moncho) he stabbed and drives away. The guilt is also eating away at Lorenzo. He visits the same location where they buried Moncho — flashes of what happened torments the character.

Lorenzo meets Chema, and he tells him they will find the body. They are building a complex where Moncho is. Oh s**t — they have messed up, big time; what a juicy side plot!

The ending

Alex is knocked out unconscious in his home. When he wakes up, Cesar sits next to him. Cesa tells Alex that he’s here for Elisa because Sergio has kidnapped her — he believes Sergio wants to kill him. He passes Alex the tape that has her name on it. Cesar claims he had no idea that Sergio had done this to the rest of the women and thought Flor Sanchez was a one-off — he explains Sergio wants revenge because he reported him and ended up in prison. He begs Alex for his help because Elisa is suffering. This is extremely ironic — Cesar is asking Alex for help again, but this time he’s on his knees.

The police turn up at the house, and Cesar tells Alex that Elisa’s life is in his hands. Cesar heads outside and points a gun at the cops — he turns around and tells Alex to save his daughter before shooting himself in the head.

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 4 continues to level up the plot as characters hold more secrets, and the objective is truly not a “whodunit” anymore.

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