The Woods season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “What Lies Beneath”? Pinning it on someone.



The Woods season 1, episode 4, “What Lies Beneath” continues to keep the audience guessing as we reach the dying embers of this mystery.

This recap of Netflix series The Woods season 1, episode 4, “What Lies Beneath” contains significant spoilers.

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How does The Woods season 1, episode 4, “What Lies Beneath” open?

In 2019, scuba divers have found bones in the sea near the camp but they haven’t determined the identity. Pawel learns that the bones belong to a female. In the past, while out in the woods, the investigator finds a t-shirt — it belongs to Pawel.

Hard drive

In the present day, Pawel continues to be harassed with brown envelopes. The second envelope has a hard drive inside but it doesn’t work; he reminisces over having sex with his wife. He asks his assistant Iza to unlock the hard drive. Pawel and Iza head out to speak to the witness that has been found for the rape case.

In the past, the investigators take Laura’s photos from the camp. Pawel goes to the station for questioning. The investigator asks Pawel if he has other t-shirts; they show him a t-shirt and ask if it is his. The blood on the shirt matches Monika’s. Pawel’s mother states Pawel lost that t-shirt two days before the murder. The Woods season 1, episode 4, “What Lies Beneath” sees Pawel becoming the main suspect in a fractured case.

The witness

In the present day, Pawel and Iza speak to Antek who was at the same party that rape victim Klaudia attended. Antek promises to reveal everything about the party in exchange for not getting arrested for stealing a Buddha figurine. Afterward, Pawel bumps into Leon and Laura at the University. Leon makes a snide remark that Pawel looks surprised that she has a husband before walking off. Pawel tells Laura about the bones and states he is afraid it might be his sister’s.

Following a new lead

In the past, Pawel tells Laura that he is now the main suspect for the murder case. Later, they meet at the abandoned swimming pool and Pawel lays out of the camp and woods using old tiles and a rope. He asks how Daniel and Monika slipped out of the right-wing without consent from camp counselor Malczak who had the key — he must know something. Pawel suggests following him. Laura lends him her camera. When Pawel follows him, he finds a box that Malczak owns, and inside the box is hair. The Woods season 1, episode 4, “What Lies Beneath” sees Pawel becoming an investigator himself, which shows why he became a prosecutor.

The recording

In the present day, Kryzstof Dunaj-Szafranski tells Pawel that he knows about the deal he made with the kid Antek. When he returns to his office, Pawel plays the video from the hard drive, and it’s a private conversation between him and his sick wife. She says the pain is slowly becoming unbearable and she doesn’t want Kaja to remember her this way. His wife says if he loves her, he will make the right decision. Iza tells Pawel that there is a recording device in his home and that there is a copy of the recording in the cloud. The Woods season 1, episode 4, “What Lies Beneath” shows Pawel’s world getting darker as he continues to be harassed by outside forces.

We know you sent the story

Laura accuses Olo of sending her that story and Pawel gives evidence. Olo says he was told the stories and was asked to email them for money. Afterward, Pawel concludes that someone is playing them both and that Marek’s DNA links to Artur. Laura wonders if Malczak is innocent and the murderer is still at large.

No evidence on Pawel

In the past, Pawel shares his investigation with the investigators regarding Malczak. They head over to Malczak’s place to arrest him. The lead investigator doesn’t think Malczak killed the kids but they will pin it on him anyway; he admits to making up that there was blood on the t-shirt because he couldn’t prove anything on Pawel but he thinks it is him.

How does The Woods season 1, episode 4, “What Lies Beneath” end?

Meanwhile back in the present, Inspector Jork checks out Marek’s apartment again with forensics — there is blood. Some of the cleaned up the blood on the floor spells out Pawel. As the episode ends, Pawel has been exposed for making a deal with Antek. Kryzstof Dunaj-Szafranski used his money to give Antek a lawyer.

Kryzstof Dunaj-Szafranski sends a video to Pawel — “Malgorzata T., chairwoman of the For the Sake of Kids Foundation has been apprehended in connection with charges of misappropriation of a large sum from the foundation’s account. The woman is facing five years in prison”. It’s his sister-in-law. The Woods season 1, episode 4, “What Lies Beneath” continues to keep the audience guessing as we reach the dying embers of this mystery.

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