Virgin River season 3, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Kindling”?

July 9, 2021
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Secrets, deals, sex, and babies – episode 5 deals with a lot of potential drama.

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Secrets, deals, sex, and babies – episode 5 deals with a lot of potential drama.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 3, episode 5, “Kindling,” contains spoilers.

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Secrets are spilling out in season 2 as we can feel the drama intensify.

To open episode 5, the baby talk continues. Mel explains that after every time she sees Lilly with Chloe, her heartaches — she knows this feeling will not go away. Jack listens, but Mel isn’t sure if she should have said anything. She doesn’t think that Jack has to feel the same way, but Jack is slightly despondent. He wants time to think, but he’s glad he told her.

Mel digs further into Doc’s interviews

Doc asks Mel to cover for him; in return, Mel wants to know why he’s interviewing people. He tells her he is interviewing physicians, and Mel is querying that. So Mel joins the next interview, and they have a good candidate (Doctor Hansen). Mel shows the doctor around the clinic. Doc tells Mel that he likes Doctor Hansen and would be brilliant for Virgin River. Mel talks about transition, and Doc blurts out that he’s retiring, which shocks her.

Later on, Doc finds out from the headhunter that he needs to make a quick decision.

It’s always fascinating how every character in Virgin River has difficulty disclosing information and bearing secrets. It’s a theme that runs in every chapter.

Lizzie living out her stay

Ricky’s grandmother asks Lizzie when she’s moving back into Connie’s house. Lizzie raises how she feels Ricky and his grandmother are her family, and you can tell the grandmother isn’t happy about that. The grandmother tells Ricky he wants Lizzie around temporarily and asks him to deal with the conflict with her and Connie.

Ricky plucks up the courage to speak to Lizzie about making things good with Connie, but surprisingly, Lizzie thinks it’s a good idea for them to move in together. Ricky calls it a big step, and Lizzie is hurt.

Get that Xanax and a dose of Brady

Brie gets a call from her doctor’s office giving her a refill for a prescription of Xanax. Afterward, she sleeps with Brady (remember, it was a one-time thing?). Brady then raises how he needs a co-signer for a loan. Brie says if she had the money, she’d co-sign because he seems like a good man, and then cheekily says he’s competent in bed.

It feels like a precursor to what’s to come — is Brie going to co-sign a significant loan for Brady? Bad idea.

A luxury birthing suite and a drink with Todd

Charmaine tells Jack that Todd has given her a luxury birthing suite for the birth, and he brushes it off. She then tells Jack that Todd wants a drink with him, but he tells her he’s too busy. Charmaine is annoyed, so Jack agrees to that drink.

And so the drink happens, and it’s a wonderful place for a meeting with high-quality whiskey on offer, which does not phase Jack. Todd wants to toast to Jack for becoming a father and then provides an offer — he tells Jack he loves Charmaine and wants to adopt the twins, so he has a free pass. He calls it a win/win. Jack rejects the idea immediately and leaves.

Doc learns about Lilly’s cancer

Doc visits Lilly to check up on her as he hasn’t seen her at the clinic. Lilly wonders if Mel told him that she has cancer, but Doc has no idea. She reveals she has pancreatic stage 4 and has chosen palliative care. Doc asks if she’s considered vaccine therapy, but Lilly doesn’t want people who love her to see her suffer. Doc tells Lilly that she needs to consider both options with a terminal illness and that giving herself time means fewer regrets.

And then Tara turns up, and Lilly tells her daughter about the cancer. Doc confirms that it’s inoperable. It’s a heartbreaking moment between mother and daughter.

Doc is angry when Jack confronts him about retirement

Mel tells Jack that Doc is retiring, and she is in disbelief. She thought they were close enough for Doc to disclose that information and she’s disappointed. Jack listens, and Mel is appreciative.

When Doc heads inside the local bar, Jack brings up retirement, and he’s annoyed that his private matter was shared. Jack raises how Mel felt sucker-punched. Doc storms out angrily. Mel sees the commotion, but Jack says he protects the people he loves, which softens her. It’s weird how the rule of “not sharing secrets” only applies to certain circumstances in this community.

The ending of Virgin River season 3, episode 5

Mel is heading out with Brie for drinks. And then, Brie raises that Jack has an ex-wife called Mandy, which Mel didn’t know about. Before they head out, Brie collapses to the floor. That Xanax isn’t doing her any good.

Secrets, deals, sex, and babies – episode 5 deals with a lot of potential drama.

Additional points
  • Jack is concerned about Preacher’s issues and asks if he wants to sit down and talk about a partnership.
  • While in the kitchen, a traumatic memory for Jack returns. He remembers leaving the kitchen with a knife, but he cannot see the face.
  • Preacher gives Christopher advice on how to stand up for himself against other children. Later on, he tells Christopher that he can’t get home to help him so that Connie will be putting him to bed. Christopher is understandably upset.
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