Virgin River season 4, episode 10 recap – mix heartfelt drama with soap opera theatrics

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2022
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The drama piles up in a busy chapter. The wholesome gestures and shock reveals are just a tad repetitive now, though.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 4, episode 10, contains spoilers.

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After that surprising climactic sequence, Virgin River returns straight to the action, with Brie and Mike recovering from the explosion. In episode ten, the subplots carry on moving forwards as we work towards season four’s finale. As always, there are twists and turns in this daytime drama.

Virgin River season 4, episode 10 recap

It’s the day of Charmaine’s baby shower and she is extremely stressed. Husband Todd is away on a business trip, so the twins’ father Jack steps in to help out. He has to cancel his therapy session, but sees how important this event is to Charmaine. There’s lots of this thoughtful camaraderie in episode ten, with other friends helping each other out in the show’s usual wholesome fashion.

Mel meets up with Cassandra, who plans to fight for the right to see her unborn grandchildren. Mel is stunned to find out that the lawsuit was not some empty threat and Cassandra is willing to pour some serious money into the endeavor. Cassandra’s reasoning is quite pitiful, but as Mel states, it is no excuse. She’s still grieving from the loss of her son and wants to raise her heir properly. She is pretty sure that Mel is pregnant and demands to see her grandchild when they are born. It’s a messy situation, but Mel pleads with Cassandra to just let go of all the anger.

Denny is back in the picture after his generous donation and has made pancakes for Doc and Hope. Doc is off out fishing with a friend and Hope agrees to consider a new hobby for the couple to enjoy together. Denny is off with Lizzie on another date, this time they’re going to play Frisbee golf, is this actually a real thing? He confesses to her that he is suffering from anxiety and is still grief-stricken over the loss of his father – the pills are to help with this. She says she is there for him in his hour of need. They have had their ups and downs, yet things look to be back on positive terms for the couple.

Hope asks Muriel to help teach her backgammon, in another touching moment from the show. She’s still struggling with her own grief and can’t cope with the loneliness any longer. Hopefully the game will put her mind off of this heartache and bring Doc closer to her once again. She admits to seeing a vision of Lilly and Muriel offers her support. Doc is grateful of Hope’s surprise, a game of backgammon, although this lovely gesture is ruined by a phone call from the insurance company about Hope’s crash. Doc wasn’t aware of this blunder.

Melissa updates Brady on Calvin, informing the crook that he is deceased. She says a shipment is coming and she wants Brady to play a more active role in the business. This new villain tells Brady to be smart and fall in line, implying that Calvin didn’t do so and he is now dead. Meanwhile, Mike struggles to find Calvin’s corpse and is failing in his own pursuit of head honcho Melissa Montgomery. Mike updates Preacher on the phone call from Christopher, adding that they are slowly starting to trace the call and have found Sally. She was coerced into helping Vince and is too scared to say anything. Annoyingly, Sally may actually know the whereabouts of Vince and Christopher. The detective is having a busy day, as he also informs Jack that the knife they found at his bar is covered in Vince’s DNA.

The ending

Charmaine throws the most extravagant of baby showers and the townsfolk secretly gawp at this needless splendor. Brie receives a rather threatening phone call from her ex Don and Mel is there to help her through this traumatic event. Jack earns some serious brownie points and helps out Charmaine, even tidying up at the end. She says he’ll be an amazing father and he can spend as much time with the twins as he wants.

At therapy, Jack struggles to talk about his brother, but makes some progress, explaining how the brother died when they were kids. Mel is happy to see Jack stepping up as a parent and the two make love. Another couple happily in love is Preacher and his aikido teacher Julia. Their fireside date is ruined though, by a knock at the door, with Paige re-entering his life in a twisted finale.

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