Virgin River season 3, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Take My Breath Away”?

July 9, 2021
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Episode 4 would have felt wasteful if it was not for the cliffhanger, as the characters appear to be relaxed in limbo.

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Episode 4 would have felt wasteful if it was not for the cliffhanger, as the characters appear to be relaxed in limbo.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 3, episode 4, “Take My Breath Away,” contains spoilers.

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Honestly, episode 4 feels slightly slow compared to the start of the series; while some parts of the story move forward in chapter 3, it suffers from being a little too slow.

Episode 4 opens with Jack waking up in the middle of the night, and Mel isn’t next to him in bed. He has no idea where she is. He heads outside and sees her sleeping in the car. Jack was snoring too loud. The next morning, he offers to stay over at a B&B. He reveals he has never lived with someone before. Mel wants to convince Jack that he wants him here. Jack asks her to wake him up the next time he snores too loud.

Afterward, Jack wants to face Jimmy himself, but Mike tells him he cannot see him at the police station.

Joey is in need

Joey calls Mel to tell her that the hearing to finalize her divorce is set, and she’s upset. She feels she will be alone for the rest of her life while her ex-husband already has a new girlfriend. Mel tells her to stop looking at Instagram and offers to join her at the hearing.

Lizzie sweet talks Ricky

Episode 3 saw fractures appearing in Lizzie and Ricky’s relationship, and it’s still not smooth in chapter 4.

Lizzie confronts Ricky in the kitchen at the local bar after he didn’t return her texts. He’s clearly irked by her ex-boyfriend Parker. Lizzie reassures him that they are friends and sweet talks him until they kiss. Connie sees them through the door.

Preacher admits he was going to leave

Preacher tells Jack that he was offered a job in San Francisco by Jamie, but then Christopher came up, and then Jack got shot. He also mentions not getting the partnership with Jack over the bar irked him. Jack had no idea, and he’s apologetic.

Breakfast with Brie

While the other relationships have their problems, Jack has a lot to get off his chest in Virgin River season 3, episode 4.

Jack cooks Brie breakfast and asks her how the job search is going. Brie admits she doesn’t want to go back to practice law after realizing the downfalls of the career. Jack then opens up about Charmaine and how he feels she will limit his time with the twins. Brie knows a good family lawyer and offers to put them in touch. She also tells Jack not to overthink it with Mel because she loves him.

Wheezing Christopher

Christopher is having a hard time breathing, so Preacher takes him to the clinic. It suddenly becomes urgent, and he needs oxygen. They think it’s something from the pool. Mel and Doc manage to stabilize him.

Preacher beats himself up, but Mel and Doc tell him he’s doing great.

Facing Jimmy

Jack heads to the Sheriff’s department to confront Jimmy. They both trade war of words, and Jimmy says Jack would be dead if he pulled the trigger. Jimmy then tells Jack that Calvin knows he called in the raid, and once he’s taken care of, he’ll look after Mel. Jack loses control, and Mike drags him away. He’s told to go home and calm down.

Lilly tells Muriel to spare the heartache

Lilly thinks Muriel is trying to steal Doc away from Hope. Muriel says she isn’t a homewrecker and that she appreciates the friendship. She raises how she doesn’t have many good friends. Lilly tells Muriel that she wants to spare her the heartache.

You have to feel for Muriel in this scene; she clearly wants genuine friends in her life and must be feeling lonely.

Jimmy is out / romantic gesture by Jack

Despite Jack’s problems, he shows strength in chapter 4 — he remains focused on making sure he’s a good man to Mel.

When Mel returns home, Jack has a romantic gesture. He has poured her a bath with candles. While she gets in the bath, Jack learns that Jimmy has been let go, and he’s angry. Jimmy also has an alibi — he wasn’t the one who shot Jack.

When Mel heads outside, Jack has set up a romantic setting outside. He’s also built her a swing similar to the one she and Joey had when growing up. Jack has also set up tea lights all the way down to the lake. They get on a boat together. This was super romantic.

Lake is worried about Doc

Doc video calls Hope about his medical condition (AMD) and the treatment. She’s freaking out and wants to come home. Doc tells her to stay where she is and keep his diagnosis between them.

Will Hope keep her mouth shut? She’s struggled in the past.

The ending of Virgin River season 3, episode 4

Brie and Brady drink together again and play darts. Brie then wants to dance, and she performs for him in the middle of the bar. Brady joins her, and it’s clear these two are gathering feelings for each other. But then Brie sees someone she recognizes — a woman called Stella who says she used to be Don’s assistant. Brie suddenly wants to go, so she leaves before Brady can stop her.

As the episode ends, Mel asks Jack how he would feel if she had a baby. Oh, s**t! Despite a slow chapter, that’s quite a cliffhanger.

Episode 4 would have felt wasteful if it was not for the cliffhanger, as the characters appear to be relaxed in limbo.

Additional points
  • Tara speaks to Doc about her mother being tired all the time and refuses to see a doctor. Doc offers to call her mother and invite her in.
  • Mel knows that Doc is interviewing people for the clinic. She wants to be kept in the loop. Doc tells her it is not her position that he’s looking to fill.
  • Connie has freaked out after seeing Lizzie kiss Ricky, so she asks if she can stay with him and his grandmother for a while.
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