Virgin River season 3, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Spare Parts and Broken Hearts”?

July 9, 2021
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Plenty of drama, plenty of trouble in paradise — episode 3 juices up the story some more for the audience.

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Plenty of drama, plenty of trouble in paradise — episode 3 juices up the story some more for the audience.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 3, episode 3, “Spare Parts and Broken Hearts,” contains spoilers.

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As usual, Virgin River brings new problems for the characters to face, but it keeps it low-key and heartwarming all the same.

Opening up episode 3, Lilly continues to divulge with Mel about her newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer — it’s stage 4. It’s a devastating blow, and she’s had a second opinion. Lilly wants Mel to be her emergency contact. Mel tells her the more support she has, the better, but Lilly says she isn’t ready yet.

A morning surprise for Mel

The next morning, Mel receives a letter from Stacie, Mark’s sister. She’s pregnant. Mel isn’t delighted at receiving the news. Eventually, she breaks down and sobs silently alone in her room, and Jack checks up on her. Mel explains the last time she removed a sonogram from an envelope, it was hers, and it took her by surprise. What will all this baby stuff mean for the couple? With Jack and expectant father, it feels like it’s not going to be all smooth running.

An old flame returns for Lizzie

To Lizzie’s surprise, her ex-boyfriend Parker shows up in town. He wants to reignite the flame between them, but she reminds him there is no “us” anymore. But she does tell him they can hang out after work.

Parker meets Lizzie at the local bar where Ricky works. She’s a little flustered and explains to Ricky that Parker turned up unannounced. Ricky reveals that he’s Lizzie’s boyfriend, and Parker is irked, and the tension rises. Lizzie tells Parker that Ricky is sweet and would do anything for her. Parker tells Lizzie that he wants to make things up to her, and it’s clear she isn’t over him yet.

Oh dear, there’s trouble in paradise.

Mel tells Lilly that she shouldn’t isolate herself

Mel speaks to Lilly again, and she tells her not to isolate herself in a stressful time because she’s going to need help. Lilly gets emotional and states that she shouldn’t have asked Mel to be her emergency contact and assures her she’ll find a new one before walking home.

Later on, after she calms down, Lilly tells Mel that the doctors have offered her radiotherapy and chemo to extend her life a little longer, so she has a decision to make. Episode 3 brings a story where Lilly has to consider the quality of life, a tragic decision that no one should have to make.

Doc wants to find Hope

Doc is still worried about Hope, so he’s going to fly out. Jack thinks it’s a bad idea as he doesn’t know where Hope is, but Doc cannot stay and do nothing. Jack offers to go with him, but Doc doesn’t accept it.

Mel finds out about Doc’s plans and tells him he can’t go to a flood zone, which turns into an argument. Doc brings a good reason to go, so they hug it out.

Lake date

After their night of passion, Brady takes Brie to a lake. They both pretend it was a “one-night” thing, but usually, that doesn’t involve a lake date the next day. It doesn’t take them long to hook up next to the lake, suggesting there are already feelings involved.

Later on, Jack asks Brie if she’s okay. She reveals she has quit her job, and he’s surprised. What will Jack do when he finds out Brie has slept with Brady? More trouble is coming around the corner!

Jack learns that he’s not in the loop with Charmaine’s pregnancy.

We already suspected Charmaine was ousting Jack, but we didn’t know it was this bad.

Jack learns from Charmaine’s new partner Todd that she will give birth in the hospital, and he’s confused, as the clinic was initially the compromise. He speaks to Charmaine privately about it and wanted to be consulted — he wants to be kept in the loop as the father. Charmaine tells Jack that he can live his life and he’s not making the shots anymore. She also reveals that she told Mel she would live with her uncle in Portland, so he should be lucky that Todd wants to stay nearby.

It feels like Charmaine is punishing Jack…

Parker is opening a club

Before leaving, Parker tells Lizzie that he’s opening a club in LA and wants her to help open it. He thinks Lizzie doesn’t belong where she is right now. Lizzie tells Parker that she will think about it. She tries to ring Ricky after, but he’s at a Marines careers day considering enlisting. It looks like he has given up on his chances already after Parker’s arrival.

The ending of Virgin River season 3, episode 3

Before Doc sets off, Hope gets in touch to let him know he’s okay. He doesn’t need to fly out. Meanwhile, Mel is enjoying red wine next to a fire, and she offers Jack a drink. Jack asks Mel about Charmaine moving away, and she admits she told her. She tells him that he was in the hospital at the time and that Charmaine didn’t move, so she didn’t want to upset him. Jack says he always wants the truth, regardless if it will upset him or not. And then, Mike rings Jack and tells him that Jimmy is in custody.

Plenty of drama, plenty of trouble in paradise — episode 3 juices up the story some more for the audience.

Additional points
  • Ricky serves Charlie at work, a man who saw him and Lizzie on a date in the cabins. Charlie explains that he will not tell anyone and that he’s a man now — he tells Ricky that real men do not need approval but strength in their convictions.
  • Christopher wants to go to a sleepover, but Preacher says he doesn’t know his family, so he cannot go. To make it up to him, Preacher sets up a tent so they can camp out.
  • Muriel and her friends have arranged a hotel and other things for Doc and his trip. Doc is thankful and calls her a wonderful friend.

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