Virgin River season 3, episode 8 recap – what happened in “Life and Death”?

July 9, 2021
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Episode 8 proves to be the pivotal chapter with plenty of emotions on the line as the characters all find themselves at a crossroads.

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Episode 8 proves to be the pivotal chapter with plenty of emotions on the line as the characters all find themselves at a crossroads.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 3, episode 8, “Life and Death,” contains spoilers.

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It’s safe to say that the second half of season 3 is way stronger than the first half. It was such a tentative season at first, with all the characters lounging around, almost like they knew something would happen and reserved their energy. Episode 8 is a pivotal chapter and spurs on the final road for season 3.

At the start of episode 8, more memories flood back for Jack. Brie then visits him and questions whether Brady shot him. Jack tells Brie that Brady is not a good man and worked for a drug dealer and tipped them off about a raid. He apologizes to Brie for not being there for her. The siblings hug it out. Jack reveals that he and Mel are over because he can’t support two families. Brie reminds him not to be closed off and doesn’t want him to have regrets.

We all know Jack made a hasty mistake in the last episode.

Breakfast with Muriel

Muriel has breakfast with Doc but when he gets the cream cheese from the kitchen, Hope calls, so Muriel answers it (she makes sure to touch up her hair first to make Hope jealous). Doc grabs the phone and tells her he will call her back after Hope senses something is wrong with Lilly after Muriel lets some words slip.

Hope rings Doc and asks what’s wrong with Lilly. He tells her to have patience and to speak to Lilly when she returns. Doc warns Lilly that Hope will be expecting the truth when she returns. Lilly feels she doesn’t know what to do to handle the situation with Hope. Doc tells her not to worry about what other people think, and Hope loves her. This, however, turns out to be an ironic conversation.

Supporting her sister and break-up talk

Mel is in LA supporting her sister with the divorce. Joey is worried about her children and the house. Mel tells her that it’s important that they all have each other and that she’s not a failure. Mel then tears up and reveals that she and Jack are breaking up. She’s heartbroken. Joey tells Mel that she doesn’t need Jack to have a baby and that she has two embryos left by her and Mark. Joey thinks it might be a beautiful way for Mark to live on.

Meanwhile, Mike asks Jack if he can ask Brie out after he broke up with his fiance. He states that his ex-fiance never looked at him like Mel looked at Jack. Of course, this is a moment of clarity for Jack but what’s actually funny is how everyone wants Jack’s sister — she’s hot property.

Brady tries to tell Brie his side of the story

Brady meets up with Brie and tells her he didn’t shoot Jack. He also tells her that he didn’t know about the fentanyl with the drug dealers. Brie nearly walks off, but Brady admits he saw Jack that night at the bar, but then he left. He can’t tell the sheriff because he’s had a criminal record and a reputation since the tour in Iraq. Brady pleads with Brie and states he isn’t the villain. Brie feels Brady is justifying his actions despite being reprehensible. She went all lawyer mode here, but you can tell it’s not going to be completely over between them.

Partnership offer

Jack talks to Preacher about the partnership and apologizes for not talking about it before. He gives Preacher a breakdown and lays down an offer. Preacher seems a little off about it and says he’d like to think about it. I think Preacher is being a bit of a dick, to be honest — it’s almost like he’s making Jack grovel.

The clinic and saying goodbye to Joey

Mel attends the fertility clinic, which surfaces sweet memories of her and Mark when she was heavily pregnant. Afterward, she packs to return to Virgin River. She tells Joey that she’s considering moving back to the city but needs to honor her contract first. The sisters are incredibly emotional, and Joey is worried about being alone.

A drunken brawl

A drunk Brady approaches Mike at the local bar. He calls Mike the hero while he’s the “bad guy” again. The men square up to each other as Brady tells him he’s paid for the crimes he’s committed, unlike him. He tells Mike he has blood on his hands, and the two men fight. Jack splits them up and kicks Brady out. It’s getting fiery between the men — tensions are at an all-time high. We wanted this soon after the season 2 finale!

Moving plans

Charmaine finds out that Todd plans to move to Eureka as he’s worried about Jack. He wants to make things difficult for him. He tells her she’ll make new friends. Charmaine doesn’t look sure about the situation. Muriel overhears the conversation. Maybe Jack will not need an attorney after all — if we are sincere, Todd gives off a lot of red flags, including controlling behavior. He got rid of the dog for no reason at all.

Catching Lizzie in a lie

Ricky visits Lizzie, and she enquires about where he’s been. She clearly knows he’s lying and says she tried to call him. She tells him she’s covered his shifts because Preacher said he’s out of town. Lizzie has caught him in a lie and tells him to leave. Ricky was really taking a marines exam.

Begging for Mel back

We could have predicted this in the last chapter, but when you have a loyal, precious woman like Mel, don’t break up with her…

Jack goes on a walk down the river and remembers all his wonderful moments with Mel. He’s clearly realized he’s made a mistake. When Mel returns, she walks past him, but he insists that they talk. Jack admits he underestimated her and feared hurting her. He should have had faith in her, and he apologizes. Jack asks for her back, but Mel isn’t buying it because things will get harder for him. Jack wants to fight for her because she’s the love of his life. He begs her and asks for another chance. Mel looks into his eyes as her stubbornness melts; she kisses him, and there’s passion between them.

They broke up for one chapter, and let’s hope it’s the last break-up.

The ending of Virgin River season 3, episode 8

Lilly tells Tara that she doesn’t want her to feel obligated to stay in Virgin River and look after Chloe when she’s gone. She then has all over friends over for a social gathering. Lilly tells her friends to look after Tara and Chloe when she’s gone.

Tara makes dinner with Doc, and then the daughter realizes Lilly isn’t waking up. Doc checks Lilly’s pulse and breaks the bad news that she is gone. Tara sobs and asks her mother to open her eyes and realizes she’s cold. She doesn’t understand because her mother was having the best day — she wanted more time. Tara hugs her deceased mother tight.

Lilly looked peaceful — it’s almost like she knew she would die that day; that’s why she told Tara not to put her life on hold and asked her friends to look after her daughters. You also have to feel for Hope. She never got to speak to Lilly before she died.

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