Virgin River Season 5 Episode 3 Recap – why is Lizzie on the News?

September 7, 2023
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Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 3 Recap


There are many heartwarming moments in “Calculated Risk,” with Denny’s rock-climbing trip and Lizzie’s charity event being quite powerful in themselves. As always, though, the show can’t help but include some exaggerated romances and unrealistic under-reactions.

We recap the Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 3, “Calculated Risk,” which contains significant spoilers.

Fans currently binge-watching season 5 will be pleased to hear that the show ups the ante somewhat in “Calculated Risk.” The third installment from the fifth season introduces a new love interest for Preacher (Colin Lawrence), Jack (Martin Henderson) steps out of his comfort zone, and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) finds herself drawn back to her old job.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

The episode kicks off with a twisted nightmare. Jack dreams of his wedding day, celebrating this special occasion with close friends. He soon finds himself drinking alcohol once again, though. Then all the guests stare at Jack, silently judging him, and Adam appears, telling him to stop letting everyone down.

Jack wakes with a start but is unable to address this cryptic dream with Mel. He tells his therapist about the nightmare instead.

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The therapist suggests that Jack tries to get out of his comfort zone to experience a risk-free loss of control, which he refers to as calculated risk.

After the therapy session, Jack mentions his homework assignment to Preacher at the bar. Preacher suggests Jack go rock climbing with Denny. He accepts this opportunity, and the two acquaintances take the day off to enjoy the breathtaking views Virgin River has to offer.

Of course, this experience isn’t without its issues. Jack falls at one point but is safe in Denny’s care. At the top of the mountain, Denny opens up about his Huntington’s Disease. He tells Jack that he wants to live in the moment.

Jack is taken aback by Denny’s wisdom and acceptance of the disease.

How did Jeb die?

Elsewhere, Brady attends Jeb’s funeral. His work colleague died from a fentanyl overdose, but Brady keeps all of this from Brie. She has a lot on her plate anyway, with the trial fast approaching. Brie is informed that Don’s lawyers are going to frame Brie as an addict, she may even end up losing her license, but she still wants to fight for justice.

Brie bumps into Jeb’s wife, Pauline, later that day. The widow talks about how amazing Brady has been, helping out with the funeral. Brie is surprised to hear that Brady and Jeb were close friends, and of course, she was unaware of the drug aspect of Jeb’s death.

In the other subplot, Hope discusses the vote and being replaced as the town mayor. They see the wildfires on the news, and Lizzie suggests making packaged meals for the front-line workers. Hope sees this as a good press opportunity as well.

While packing up the meals, Lizzie’s mother, Deirdre, makes an unexpected appearance. She tells Lizzie that they’ve pulled a few strings and managed to get Lizzie into college. Lizzie doesn’t want to go, though. This turns into another heated argument that continues throughout the day.

Why is Lizzie on the News?

The meals initiative works wonders, boosting the rescue worker’s morale. Soon, the local TV news arrived to capitalize on the story. Hope is approached for an interview, but she lets Lizzie take all of the glory instead, as it was her idea. Lizzie’s mom is surprised to see just how much progress her daughter has actually made at Virgin River.

Meanwhile, the clinic is called about an emergency. Firefighter Kaia Bryant has found a pregnant woman in labor while stuck in the woods and is trying her best to get her to the clinic.

The pregnant woman, Fiona Nickerson, was a patient of Mel’s, and she was desperate to speak with her midwife.

Mel is informed of the emergency and prepares for the clinic. It becomes apparent that they will be unable to make it to the clinic though. Mel and Cameron must guide Kaia over FaceTime instead.

Does Kaia deliver the baby?

During the labor, Fiona passes out. Mel suggests giving Fiona some glucose gel to wake her up as she has low blood sugar. This wakes Fiona, and the baby is delivered. Unfortunately, the baby is not breathing. Kaia is forced to perform CPR on the baby. Thankfully, the baby survives.

After this traumatic experience, Kaia meets with Preacher for some food. Kaia and Preacher have an instant attraction to one another and flirt with each other.

This continues back at Jack’s Bar. Kaia instantly makes a move, mounting the bar and then Preacher, before they kiss. It looks like Preacher’s romantic issues have been solved in record time.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 3 Ending Explained

The episode ends with Jack and Mel recapping their hectic days. Jack has decided to accept Melissa Montgomery’s business proposal, yet he refuses to open up to Mel about his dream. Jack suggests they get away for a couple of days and go camping.

Then, in the final scene, Brie confronts Brady about Jeb. She is upset that Brady lied to her. He finally confesses about his criminal job. Fentanyl is being shipped through the lumber yard, and Brady has been forced to help out. Brie is hurt by this news and asks Brady to leave.

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