Virgin River Season 5 Episode 2 Recap – does Jack forgive Charmaine?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 7, 2023
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Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 2 Recap


It’s more of the same from Virgin River, with “Songbird” including plenty of meandering subplots and further over-the-top dramatics. The new series is well-intentioned though, with the focus on parenting and grief touching on some important topics.

We recap the Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 2, “Songbird,” which contains significant spoilers.

The season opener wasted no time at all in returning to the many ongoing plot points in Virgin River. Episode two, “Songbird,” carries on in a similar vein, picking up on all the main cast member’s intersecting lives.

Jack (Martin Henderson) confronts Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), Hope (Annette O’Toole) fights to keep her mayoral position, while Doc (Tim Matheson) and Cameron (Mark Ghanimé) clash at work.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

Why did Charmaine lie to Jack?

“Songbird” starts with Jack finally speaking to Charmaine about all of her lies. She apologizes for these lies, but struggles to explain herself properly. It seems Charmaine wanted the twins to have a brighter future and she knew she could depend upon Jack, so she kept up the charade. He refuses to forgive her for this betrayal though.

At home, Jack updates Mel on this awkward conversation. Jack admits that he feels better now that he has spoken to Charmaine though. Mel is dealing with her own problems.

Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird plays while she is running, bringing back bittersweet memories of her deceased mother.

Mel is also keeping herself busy by helping out Tara’s sister, Ava. She had an episode in the previous installment, and Mel has managed to get her to see a specialist.

Ava tells Mel that she had surgery for endometriosis, and unfortunately, it is back again. She may have to have a hysterectomy to offset this medical issue. Luckily, she doesn’t want children and can go ahead with the surgery if she chooses.

Later, Ava admits that she does want children after all, which only complicates matters further. Mel and Ava discuss their own mothers and their childhoods.

Both miss their moms greatly and bond over this shared pain.

How does Hope plan to keep her mayoral title?

Elsewhere, Hope is still reeling from the news that the town council wants her removed as mayor. Lizzie inspires her to use an upcoming ceremony as a way of fighting back. She plans to deliver a speech to win back their trust. Lizzie and Denny agree to help Hope write this all-important speech.

Hope struggles to turn her outbursts into a worthy speech, though. She speaks from the heart, telling Lizzie and Denny how she was Virgin River’s first and only mayor. The job means so much to her. The youthful couple convinces Hope to speak from the heart and use these words as a starting point.

She delivered her speech at the opening of the community garden. Muriel is won over by this inspiring speech and promises to vote to keep her in.

In a surprise twist, Muriel is the only one who votes that way; all the others vote her out. Hope is shell-shocked by this decision.

Why are Doc and Cameron arguing?

At the clinic, Doc and Cameron are at odds with one another, too. In Mel’s absence, Cameron has refused to take on Mel’s responsibilities. This has led to the two doctors arguing nonstop. Muriel notices this awkwardness and offers to help out with the paperwork. This quickly leads to Muriel joining the team as a new, part-time employee.

In the Brie and Brady storyline, Brady realizes that the vandalism was probably spurred on by Melissa and her co-criminals. Yet Brie believes Don is behind the attack.

At work, Brady is introduced to the mysterious stranger from the previous episode, Gene Sackheim, one of Melissa’s associates. Melissa makes it clear that Brady needs to get in line. He is asked to support new employee Jeb with his orientation.

Meanwhile, Brie goes on a hike with her brother Jack. She uses this bonding experience as an opportunity to update Jack on the trial and the incident with Don.

Jack wants to help, but Brie asks Jack to stay out of this one. She suggests a meal with Brady to get more acquainted with her partner. Jack begrudgingly accepts her requests.

Does Jack forgive Charmaine?

Jack isn’t quite ready to trust Brady, but nevertheless, he thanks him for supporting Brie throughout this tough time. Mel suggests that Jack forgives Charmaine as well. Charmaine pays the couple a visit that night to apologize for all her lies. This gives Jack a chance to return the favor, making amends with his ex. He finally forgives her for her lies and owns up to his own mistakes.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 2 Ending Explained

What is the significance of Songbird?

The episode ends with Jack and Mel listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird. Mel admits that this was her mother’s favorite song. It reminds Mel of her mother, who she misses terribly. The couple slow dance to the song whilst discussing her in more detail.

In the final moments, Preacher hears on the radio that a forest fire in Grace Valley is spreading, and Brady returns to work to find Jeb dead, laid out on the floor.

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