Virgin River season 3, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 9, 2021
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Netflix series Virgin River season 3, episode 10 - A Wedding, No Funeral and a Baby - the ending explained


Virgin River has no intention of cooling the drama, giving plenty of revelations in the season 3 finale while serving agonizing cliffhangers for the audience.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 3, episode 10, “A Wedding, No Funeral and a Baby,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Virgin River has a way of stretching out a few major plot points that extend many chapters to then tease the audience at the end. Audiences will be screaming just as much as they did at the end of the season 2 finale.

At the end of the penultimate chapter, Hope was involved in an accident. The finale begins with “10 days later,” and Doc is at the hospital. Jack and Mel tell Doc that Hope will pull through. The doctor tells Doc that Hope’s had brain bleeding and has swelled. They are recommending a medically induced coma after surgery. She could remain unresponsive. Doc gives the go-ahead, but he tells Jack and Mel that he’s made many mistakes with Hope, and he hopes this isn’t another one. He’s been way too harsh on himself.

Good news, Mel is pregnant, but she hasn’t told Jack

And then, in the next scene, Mel is reading a positive result — she’s pregnant. She hasn’t told Jack. Jack gives an update — Hope is stable. It’s good news. Jack thinks it’s been tough recently, and they both agree to spend time together. Afterward, Jack goes to work, and Preacher agrees to the partnership. But Jack has better news… he plans to propose to Mel and wants Preacher to be his best man. Look at Jack, finally stepping up!

Brie tells Mel what happened in Sacramento

Brie meets Mel and tells her that she has decided to leave town and wants her to tell Jack for her. She wants to start somewhere new and start over, where no one knows her. And then Brie admits something happened back in Sacramento — she was raped by her ex, the attorney. Her miscarriage is from that night. What an awful story and Mel comforts her.

Paige wants to turn herself in

This part of the story really baffles me — I am astonished that Preacher fell for such a trap.

Preacher meets Sally for a private talk. She explains that Paige wants to turn herself in, but she wants to see Christopher first. Preacher tells Sally that can’t happen as Christopher will end up in foster care, so he tells Sally he needs to see her.

They go to the cabin where Paige is, but suddenly Preacher is dizzy, and he collapses. Interestingly, Sally does not look surprised.

Family custody is already messy

Charmaine tells Jack that she and Todd got married, and he’s shocked at the speed of it but congratulates her. She says she was happy, but then she found out Jack had hired a family attorney; she doesn’t see equal custody happening. Todd doesn’t want Jack near the family. Jack tries to reason with her, but Charmaine calls her husband a good, dependable man. Jack reminds her that this is about the future of their children.

You can tell this is going to be a pain in the ass for Jack in season 4. How on earth will he handle this madness?

Calvin returns

While Brady is driving, he’s cornered by Calvin’s car. The criminal reveals all charges have been dropped and offers to help Brady’s lumber company and his debt. Brady says he isn’t interested in being involved in his drugs. Calvin says that Brady’s alibi has fallen apart, so he’s either killed by the suppliers who are owed, or he’ll end up in prison.

Love in the past tense

After Jack messed up, Ricky too also ruined a potential “love of his life” situation.

Ricky tells Lizzie that he has messed up and apologizes. He didn’t want her to talk him out of enlisting. Lizzie says she would have told him to go because she loved and supported him. Ricky notices she used the past tense, and then her ex-boyfriend Parker shows up — he’s messed up, and he’s down-bad.

Later on, Lizzie tells Parker that they aren’t getting back together as she doesn’t trust him. Parker apologizes for cheating on her and says he loves her.

Brady asks Brie to stay

We can all agree that Brady has his shortfalls, but we have to feel sorry for him — despite wanting to change, he cannot catch a break.

Brie meets Brady at his house and asks if he wants to hang out. They watch a movie together while Brady gives her a massage. Brie tells him that she’s leaving Virgin River because she’s been dealing with stuff. Brady wonders about “us” as he’s falling in love with her. He asks her to stay a little longer and that she will not regret it. But then, Sheriff Duncan comes over with a search warrant. Mike walks in and tells Brie that she deserves better.

Doc is not doing well

A hiker ends up in town and checks in at a B&B. He’s looking for his grandfather…Doc (another plot point to chew over in season 4). Meanwhile, Doc is at the hospital. Muriel is there to comfort him as he’s not good. She reveals a photo blanket that has pictures of Doc and Hope made by the community. The doctor reveals that Hope has developed a fever. Muriel assures Doc that everything will be okay, but Doc sobs, blaming the situation on himself.

The ending of Virgin River season 3, episode 10 

When Connie and Christopher return home with pizza, Vince lurks in the dark in the living room. Meanwhile, Brady tells the officers that they have wasted their time. However, they find a gun wedged in his car. It’s the same gun used to shoot Jack. He tells Brie that he’s innocent as he’s arrested.

Jack and Mel enjoy a scenic spot together. Jack reminds her of the time he fell in love with her. He then goes to propose, but Mel tells him that she’s pregnant. Jack tells her this is good news, and he’s all in. Mel tells Jack it isn’t amazing news because he isn’t sure if he’s the father…

Let’s reflect on Virgin River season 3, episode 10 
  • Will Hope pull through? She has barely featured in season 3, and there must be a reason for that — maybe she doesn’t plan on returning?
  • What are Sally and Paige up to? Have they been compromised by Vince? Preacher is in deep trouble.
  • Will Brie defend Brady as his public defender? It seems likely as she keeps referencing to him that she’s a lawyer.
  • Will Lizzie get back with Parker? Ricky hasn’t signed the marines contract yet, so he may still fight for Lizzie.
  • There’s plenty of red flags regarding Todd — will Charmaine’s marriage last, or will she continue with the custody battle with Jack?
  • And finally…we assume Mel is pregnant due to the frozen embryos left by her and Mark — hopefully, she gets to tell Jack before he reacts strongly. How will he feel about the fact that she has her deceased husband’s baby… or is the baby Jack’s after all?
Additional points
  • Tara gives Mel a family heirloom — a painting that Lilly wanted her to have.

What did you think of Virgin River season 3, episode 10, and the ending? Comment below. 

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