Virgin River season 4 – who shot Jack?

July 20, 2022
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This article, “who shot Jack,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Virgin River season 4.

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One of the major questions still unresolved in Virgin River is who actually shot Jack. Due to his memory loss from the trauma we are unsure who tried to kill him that night in his very own bar at the end of season two. The criminal is finally revealed in season four and later, when Jack’s memory completely returns, the audience are shown first-hand what actually happened the night Jack was shot and left for dead.

Virgin River season 4 – who shot Jack?

Jack’s memories from that night slowly starts to return to him when Preacher shows the ex-Marine some CCTV footage of Vince. Jack instantly realizes that this is the man who shot him. Vince is the twin brother of Wes (Paige’s husband), the very same man who has kidnapped his own nephew Christopher and fled on the run. Poor Brady was framed and thrown in jail for the supposed shooting, but now that Jack sees things more clearly, he wishes for Brady’s swift release from prison. He now wants to capture Vince more than ever.

The plot unravels further when a bloody knife is found hidden underneath the water pumps in Jack’s bar. Mike runs the DNA on this weapon and discovers that the blood belongs to Vince. It is all starting to add up now, but Mike still has his reservations. Mike has his heart set on Brady as the main suspect, even after Jack has told him the truth. Brady is eventually freed though and the charges are dropped against him, with Vince the obvious perpetrator. Even with Mike’s bias he can’t deny the new evidence.

A further flashback reveals exactly what transpired that night. Vince arrived at the bar searching for Preacher. Jack pulled out a knife, ready to defend himself against the gunman. Vince headed over, ready to shoot. Jack unarmed the criminal and slashed at him with the knife. He managed to cut Vince’s leg and the shooter dropped to the floor. Jack took the fallen gun, but Vince had a second one on his person. Vince shot Jack and went to retrieve the other gun, before fleeing. On his way over to collect the weapon he accidentally kicked the knife under the counter.

It all seems to make perfect sense now and things are nicely tied up. Brady is finally freed, found to be completely innocent. A crooked cop admits to framing Brady and the evidence is stacked up against kidnapper Vince. Christopher is returned to Preacher and he manages to save Paige from Vince. The season ends with Vince unconscious in the cabin, with Mike and the force heading over to arrest the criminal.

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