Virgin River season 3, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Sticky Feet”?

July 9, 2021
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Emotions are high in episode 3, with characters feeling the weight of worrying for their loved ones.

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Emotions are high in episode 3, with characters feeling the weight of worrying for their loved ones.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 3, episode 2, “Sticky Feet,” contains spoilers.

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Jack isn’t having a good year — first, he is badly wounded, and now he’s lost his house in a fire (luckily, he has insurance).

The fire services help put the fire out in Jack’s house. Mel offers Jack to stay at her place, but he doesn’t feel too good. The adrenaline makes him nauseous; Doc believes he’s experiencing triggers from recent traumatic events or his time in Iraq. He thinks it’s only a matter of time before he breaks. We’ve heard this before, but when will Jack break? He’s had small breakdowns in the past, but it’s almost like Doc can see a significant one surfacing.

A self-reliant Jack

Jack stays at Mel’s place, and he doesn’t want her to feel obligated, which is strange, considering they are romantic. He wants to stay at a B&B instead; he prefers being self-reliant and have control. Doc tells Mel to be supportive.

Meanwhile, Doc is worried about Hope, who is in a place that has a hurricane incoming. He leaves her a voicemail with route instructions to get out of there.

Mel checks up on Jack at the bar and claims she wants lunch. Jack is cynical, but Mel says she is “stress eating.”

Lizzie wants alone time

The awkward young lovebirds’ storyline continues. Well, it’s mostly awkward due to Ricky increased paranoid state.

Lizzie asks Ricky if he wants to be alone with her, as he takes her to his grandmother’s house, and there’s zero privacy. She warns him that if he ever wants sex again, he needs to find them space. Ricky organizes to take Lizzie somewhere so they can spend time together. He takes her to a cabin.

Drinks with Dan

Brie finds Dan on his own at a bar. She joins him at the table and buys him a drink. The flirting begins immediately, and Dan is worried that Jack will not want to be seen with his sister (he’s done his research). Brie explains that her life is currently complicated.

After Brie and Dan finish drinking, Brie wants the night to continue. Dan doesn’t want her to think he’s taking advantage of her, and he’s worried about Jack. However, it doesn’t take much persuasion as they kiss.

Dan never learns…

Jack is worried about Charmaine and the children

With Jack worrying about his house and his future as a father, Charmaine isn’t helping the cause at all.

Charmaine apologizes to Jack; she believes by him finding Mel, she found Todd. Jack is happy for her, but he admits that he never thought she’d end up with a man like Todd. Charmaine says she likes who Todd is and that with his money, they’ll get a house in Clearwater for the children. She then says Jack can “visit” whenever he wants. Jack is irked, and Charmaine makes it worse by stating she and Todd do not expect a formal custody arrangement; there can be an open door policy.

Obviously, Jack expects a more involved life with his children, hence his anxiety.

Doc shares his concerns with Mel

Late in the evening, Mel wants to play cards with Doc. The topic of Hope comes up, and Doc is clearly worried about her after seeing footage of the hurricane. They continue playing cards as Doc gets increasingly emotional thinking about Hope. Mel offers him words of reassurance.

The ending of Virgin River season 3, episode 2

Jack thanks Mel for his help since the house fire. He calls her a beautiful person and that she always thinks about bettering other people. Mel says she gets it from her mother, and Jack expresses how he’d have loved to meet her. Jack asks if he can still stay at her place, and Mel is happy.

Lilly visits Mel’s place late into the night. She’s upset and tells Mel that she has cancer.

Emotions are high in episode 3, with characters feeling the weight of worrying for their loved ones.

Village whispers
  • Jack learns there’s a lead on Jimmy, and it’s been taken to Sheriff Duncan.
  • Doc begins the interviews for his replacement, and he isn’t enjoying them.
  • Mel and Brie learn they went to the same University in the same year but were on opposite sides of the campus.
  • Preacher receives a letter from Paige asking him to be careful.
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  • July 14, 2021 at 7:14 pm

    Living in the SE, i found it hard to believe that all airports south of Virginia were closed. I believe Hope was in Jamaica though they mentioned the hurricane headed to Miami. I know, having gone through many hurricanes, the Atlanta Airport would have been opened the entire time. So please writers, do some research. Sheesh. Jamaica is south of Cuba!! They would have known of the hurricane for several days. Fly into Miami, or Atlanta or anywhere north but the South does not close down for a hurricane in the Carribean until it is literally knocking on the door or passing through. I went to work during Ivan, Zeta, Sally. It happens and there is plenty of warning. Anyways, thank you for this recap. I am slowly going through this season as it seems rather discombobulated versus prior seasons.

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