Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – who assaulted Trini at the mixer?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 24, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 6 Recap
Octavia Spencer as Poppy in Truth Be Told (Credit to Apple TV+)


“From My Hand the Poisoned Apple” is a busy installment with a powerful ending. Truth Be Told has many important messages to share, and there is lots to unpack; it just seems to tackle these topics in a meandering and slow way.

Thanks to Poppy (Octavia Spencer) and her podcast, fifteen underage sex trafficking victims were rescued from their captors at the Claremont Hills raid. In the aftermath of this momentous victory, Poppy and her friends discover that justice is still hard to attain, as the victimizers escape any prosecution and are released on bail back into society. Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 6 explores Trini’s (Mychala Lee) rocky rehabilitation while Poppy and the team hunt for a corrupt cop.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Trini’s long road to recovery begins at the opening of episode six. She is medically examined and questioned by the authorities. While reliving awful flashbacks to the night, she was rescued; Trini points out her abuser.

Trini is kept by Child Protective Services, along with Melanie, while Trini’s parents Markus and Zarina, are vetted. During this time, Trini refuses to speak, still traumatized by the previous events.

Who assaulted Trini at the mixer?

After Trini’s parents are meticulously examined and questioned, Trini is allowed to return to her parent’s home. They’re happy to have their daughter back, but Trini remains silent and walks the room in a zombie-like state.

The parents are told to approach their daughter gently; she needs time to readjust. She has been sexually assaulted and branded with a tattoo. Markus asks for the assailant’s name. They are told that the man who assaulted Trini at the mixer is called Bill Ochoa.

Who looks after Melanie?

While Trini recovers at home, Melanie is left without prospects for new carers or potential homes. Desiree steps up and looks after Melanie in the meantime. She struggles to look after Melanie at first. The teen still acts as if she is a part of that old life, nearly hooking up with a stranger while out for a meal with Desiree and Cydie.

Poppy’s sisters manage to save Melanie from returning to this old life, but much work is still to be done. They find Melanie has run away that night, although she was checking up on her childhood home. She misses her mother and wonders where she’s gone. Desiree promises to look after Melanie no matter what.

Poppy and Eva consider using the Claremont Hills raid to their advantage. They contemplate ruining Finney’s political career by getting one of the assailants to rat him out. So far, the only thing that links the assailants to Finney is that most are campaign donors, but they need something more substantial. Poppy suggests that Eva tells her own trafficking story, but Eva is still processing those harrowing events all these years later.

Aames tells Emily’s parents that their daughter wasn’t found at the raid. Emily’s mother decides to up the reward money, and Aames privately questions Emily’s father, Peter, about his ties to Victor.

This business associate has accused Peter of being addicted to cocaine and having dodgy offshore bank accounts. Peter denies the drug taking, believing Aames uses him as a scapegoat. Later, Poppy meets with Aames at the station. Aames is angry that Poppy lied to him.

Soon all of the traffickers at the Claremont Hills mixer are released and lawyered up. Markus is furious that Bill, Trini’s assailant, has been released. He wants retribution and argues with his wife, Zarina, back home.

Trini overhears this argument and hides in her bedroom. She’s still trying to contact Aubrey, but he’s ignoring her messages. During her rehabilitation, Trini has a couple of breakdowns as her parents struggle to reconnect with their daughter. Poppy mentions a social worker called Ms. Sok, and the parents are considering taking Trini to a recovery program in Wyoming.

What does Cubo mean?

Poppy’s investigation has stalled somewhat since the assailants’ release. They ask Drea’s mother to do some snooping, and there seems to be some evidence of tampering down at the police station. Poppy then questions Melanie, who may have some important information to share.

Melanie mentions the idea of a corrupt cop from the police department being involved in the trafficking ring. Her pimp always referred to this one person as Cubo, which stands for: conduct unbecoming of an officer. She believes this corrupt cop lives near a train station. Poppy takes this information to Aames, mentioning the missing evidence and Melanie’s confession.

Aames appears to be coming around to Poppy’s ideas once again and is swayed with doughnuts. He follows Emily’s father, Peter, and sees he owes someone money.

The police officer Aames is partnered with mentioned living near a train station. Aames is now suspicious of all who he works with.

How does Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 6 end?

The episode concludes with Poppy’s usual podcast narration. This time she talks of the victims and survivors needing our support. The powerful, rich men, who caused these underage girls so much pain, are still out there; the victimizers haven’t been imprisoned, and the victims still haven’t received any justice. This speech is inter-cut with footage of Markus stalking Finney, who returns home to his mansion and loving family that night.

In the final moments, Poppy tells Eva she is working with Aames again, looking for a corrupt cop in the force. Eva says that she is ready to talk. She wants to tell her side of the story to set an example for others, although she stresses that she isn’t the perfect victim.

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