Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 5 Recap – who do they find at Claremont Hills?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 17, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Another slow episode that ends in exhilarating form. “Freedom Is Never Given; It Is Won” portrays more racial injustice and government corruption as the hunt for the missing teenagers intensifies.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 5, “Freedom Is Never Given; It Is Won,” which contains spoilers.

There has been a clear divide between the police’s approach toward finding the missing black girls (Drea Spivey and Trini Killebrew) and their time spent looking for the missing white girl Emily Mills. This racial discrimination is no more evident than in “Freedom Is Never Given; It Is Won.” Poppy (Octavia Spencer) and the gang continue to suspect mayoral candidate Andrew Finney (Peter Gallagher) of being a trafficker, while Aames (David Lyons) digs deeper into the disappearance of Emily Mills.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

The fifth installment opens with flashbacks to Trey’s death. Markus is angry that their best lead and the prime suspect are now dead, taking all his secrets to the grave. Poppy admits that she and Eva believe Andrew Finney may be a trafficker involved in Trini’s disappearance. Markus can’t wrap his head around this revelation but is eager to confront the man about it nevertheless. And Poppy has some promising evidence; the gold chains are linked to Finney, and we all know about Eva’s past. However, Markus isn’t up to date on that vital information.

What is important about the infinity symbol?

Poppy and Eva regroup, looking at possible witnesses outside the recording studio and those who work there on the inside. Trey’s girlfriend Rochelle is named on the studio’s lease, and Poppy wants to question her first. The two amateur detectives then look at the photograph of the infinity symbol, which links Drea and Trini. Eva admits that Finney used this symbol as a branding of ownership. Eva was given the same tattoo as well. They ponder that Drea may have fought back and refused to get the tattoo, possibly leading to her death.

Next, Eva confronts Alicia, who works for Andrew Finney, about her boss’s trafficking history. She is shocked to hear such allegations but doesn’t dismiss Eva’s claims. Alicia asks if Eva targeted her, and she admits that she was using Alicia at first but has since developed a connection with the woman. Alicia decides to resign, but Eva needs her to work on the inside. She agrees to provide them with all Finney’s files for starters as they gather proof.

Meanwhile, Poppy heads to the police station to interrogate Rochelle. Although the prostitute has been released and her charges have all been dropped. While we’re there, Aames is handed a warrant to investigate Victor Ignas’ cabin. He is the number one suspect in the disappearance of Emily Mills. Aames questions the suspect, who reveals a more extensive criminal backstory.

Victor and Emily’s father, Peter, was drug friends. Peter supplied Victor with the drugs, and in return, Victor sorted Peter out with some offshore accounts. Is there a darker side to this story? Are the parents involved somehow?

After a trip to the police station, Poppy confronts Rochelle in the wild. The prostitute mentions a mixer at Claremont Hills. While Poppy discusses this possible clue with Eva, Aubrey phones her out of the blue. He talks in riddles to avoid detection but drops hints about his whereabouts. They propose that Trini is at this mixer in Claremont Hills. A quick search of Finney’s files proves that one of his donors owns the mansion. Poppy informs Aames and asks for a warrant to search the premises. Unfortunately, Aames can’t secure the warrant in time.

Out of options, Poppy decides to play dirty and produces a live podcast to provoke the police into action. She states that the police refuse to search a specific location, one that may lead them straight to Trini. Poppy lies and says there have been a tip-off that Emily Mills is there too. The police are soon dispatched to this mansion.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Who do they find at Claremont Hills?

At Claremont Hills, the guests come rushing out of the building in a blind panic. Many traffickers are arrested, and underage teens come teeming out of the mansion from the many exits.

Soon Poppy arrives on the scene, as do Markus and Zarina. Poppy finds one of her missing girls, Melanie Sanchez, cowering in a side room. Then Trini exits the building in a drugged-up haze. She is reunited with her parents, although Child Protective Services quickly separate the family once again. The parents are to be vetted before a proper reunion.

Poppy meets up with her father, who is proud of his daughter and what she has achieved today. Thanks to Poppy, two local girls have been saved from a life in the sex trafficking circuit.

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