Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – who is the Cubo?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 3, 2023 (Last updated: March 15, 2023)
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This season of Truth Be Told features a truly enticing and intricate investigation, but too many needless subplots work as filler around this central storyline. This distracts from the overall action and forces the show into tired melodramatic territory.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7, “The Luxury of Self-Reproach,” which contains spoilers.

Detective Aames (David Lyons) and podcaster Poppy Scoville’s (Octavia Spencer) investigation into the Oakland sex trafficking ring is starting to heat up in “The Luxury of Self-Reproach.” They’re close to unveiling a corrupt cop working within the police force and may have new evidence to link mayoral candidate Andrew Finney (Peter Gallagher) to all this criminal activity too. There’s also an unknown lead suspect in the case of Emily Mills’ disappearance. It’s an eventful installment, although many of the subplots within are starting to distract from the more exciting elements of the series.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

What happened to Eva in the trafficking ring?

As promised, Eva allows Poppy to interview her for her podcast. Eva talks about how she was a pawn in Finney’s grand scheme, yet she still loved him, even knowing all the manipulation. She talks about how the operation became lucrative, and they were moved into a fancy apartment. Eva was put in charge of the other girls and was involved in recruiting them too.

She met Vince at a church, who urged her to get out, but Eva was under Finney’s spell by then. It wasn’t until one of the girls overdosed that Eva started to see through Finney’s act. Soon, her mother was deported and died. Eva realized Finney would never help her mother, so she escaped the trafficking circuit with Vince’s help. She then changed her identity and moved counties.

Who is the Cubo?

Meanwhile, Aames continues his investigation into the disappearance of Emily Mills. He is now partnered with Detective Kevin Sun. In the previous episode, they followed Emily’s dad Peter and watched him interact with a low-level drug dealer called Marv Lanelle. This may be a promising lead, but Aames suspects his partner Sun of being the corrupt cop that Poppy had warned him about. Sun is arrested and charged with evidence tampering and obstruction of justice. Detective Kevin Sun is the Cubo, the corrupt cop, after all.

Kevin Sun is kept in custody; he quickly lawyers up and remains suspiciously silent when interrogated. Aames tells Poppy that an officer saw Sun take the needle out of the evidence cage. She is also informed about Sun’s ties with Aubrey. Aames assumes that Sun wanted Aubrey to keep quiet while in jail about his alter ego. They also found Shreve’s criminal record on Sun’s desk. It looked like Sun was going to leak this to the press. In this criminal record, Aames has discovered that Shreve badly beat a man called Alexander. Poppy knows precisely who this man is; it is her biological father.

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The dynamic duo questions Aubrey next. Trini’s ex-boyfriend explains how Trey used Sun as a threat. If Aubrey ever considered snitching or leaving, there was always a man working in the police department that could ruin him. Aubrey is shown a photograph of Finney but doesn’t seem to recognize him. However, he mentions a motel called The Blade, which Trey and Sun often used. Aames and Poppy check out this motel and ransack Sun’s office, finding the needle and plenty of other evidence in a sealed safe.

Who killed Drea Spivey?

Poppy and Aames start to piece the clues together. They believe Sun was the muscle of the operation and that he also gave the girls these branding tattoos. They even think that he was the one that killed Drea. Aames interrogates Sun, mentioning this theory. He proposes that Sun overheard Trey and Drea arguing, then he tried to sleep with Drea and killed her when she refused. Aames calls Sun a corrupt cop and child rapist.

Angered, Sun takes the bait and tells the truth; Drea refused to be branded and mentioned his kids. Sun lost it and strangled her to death. Sun killed Drea Spivey. The lawyer asks Aames how they can help lessen his sentence. Aames asks for the name of Sun’s boss, but he won’t say who it is.

Outside of the investigations, Trini is struggling at home. She has night terrors, worried that Aubrey is suffering in jail. She still loves and wants to be with him, even after everything she has been through. Markus can’t seem to cure his daughter, so he gets proactive instead. He stalks Trini’s assaulter Bill Ochoa, breaking into his car and taking his phone. Bill’s call log proves that Finney is linked to all this. He shows Poppy, but she cannot use this evidence as it was acquired illegally. Markus then finds Bill’s wife and questions her. She is mortified to hear Markus accuse Bill of being a rapist.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Aames tells Poppy that Sun used the Questeur app for all his transactions. Poppy asks Shreve to organize a meeting with Questeur founder Lee Hackman, so they can get to these accounts to prove Finney’s involvement. Lee begrudgingly accepts the meet-up and allows them access. They find transactions between Finney and many other criminals, including Sun, Trey, Bill, and those arrested at the mixer. It looks like Finney was paying Bill, though. Poppy ponders that Bill may be more involved in the ring than he first thought.

Where is Emily Mills?

The episode ends with Trini meeting up with Cooper. She asks him to get a message to Aubrey. Poppy replays the interview with Eva and changes her mind, deciding not to release the episode. Then Aames searches Marv’s apartment. His theory was that Emily’s father, Peter owed drug dealer Marv a large amount of money and used Emily as collateral. As they enter Marv’s apartment, Aames’ theory takes shape. They hear banging upstairs and find Emily alive, imprisoned in a cage.

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