Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8 Recap – how is Finney being blackmailed?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 10, 2023 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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“Darkness Declares the Glory of Light” includes some solid revelations alongside some truly ridiculous plot twists. It’s a real mismatch of melodramatic nonsense and a genuinely intriguing crime mystery that feels like two different shows merged.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8, “Darkness Declares the Glory of Light,” which contains spoilers.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7 ended with the surprising discovery and swift recovery of Emily Mills, the missing school girl. This success story uncovers further secrets and lies in “Darkness Declares the Glory of Light.” Meanwhile, Poppy (Octavia Spencer) and Markus (Mekhi Phifer) continue to delve into the criminal sex trafficking ring in Oakland, hoping to prove mayoral candidate Andrew Finney’s involvement.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Emily Mills has been saved, but there is more to the story. Aames has his suspicions and won’t drop the investigation just yet. His boss orders him to get a confession from the kidnapper, but Aames has other plans. He meets with Emily and her parents after their first tearful interview for the news outlets. Aames lays out his evidence, starting with a photograph of Peter (Emily’s dad) and drug dealer Marv, who held Emily captive. Aames explains to Peter’s wife, Joana, that Marv was also Peter’s coke dealer.

Viewers were aware of Peter and Marv’s connection, and it seems Joana knew of his drug habit too, but there are more twists to come. Aames shows a photograph of Emily, sitting relaxed in a car hours after supposedly going missing. She was meant to be blindfolded and bound, but it looks like she was in on this con as well. Aames explains Peter’s drug and gambling addiction, leading to financial debt. He had Victor siphon funds out of Joana’s account. Emily found out and came up with her own plan.

Why did Emily pretend to be kidnapped?

Emily pretended to be kidnapped, cutting herself and leaving a trail of blood in her car. She then drove off with Marv. He was to look after her and then magically find her to receive the reward. This pay-out would solve Peter’s debt with Marv and then help towards his gambling debt as well. Emily, of course, just wanted to become famous from the ordeal.

Detective Aames proves Emily’s involvement by unveiling Emily’s cuddly bear. He found the toy at Marv’s apartment. This proves that Emily went of her own free will, as she had time to pack for the occasion, taking her favorite cuddly bear from home. Aames quips that most victims don’t have time to pack. Peter states that he didn’t know about Emily’s plans but cannot deny that he wasn’t stealing from his wife.

How is Finney being blackmailed?

Aames may have wrapped up his investigation quite nicely, but Poppy and Markus are still trying to incriminate Finney. Markus uses one of his contacts, a computer geek called Frankie, to locate the hidden camera surveillance footage from the Claremont mixer. One of the video files shows Finney sleeping with a young girl, which Poppy believes is being used to blackmail Finney. During their conversation, Poppy tells Markus that Shreve isn’t her biological father, and the couple seems to share a moment.

Poppy checks up on Eva, who has become depressed after the podcast interviews. Poppy updates Eva on the latest clues; they have found payments implicating Finney on Questeur. He was paying Bill Ochoa for hidden security cameras. Eva interrupts, though, annoyed that Poppy hasn’t used her interview on her podcast. Poppy admits she doesn’t need to use it, but Eva needs people to know her story. She wants Finney to pay for his sins. Eva bared her soul to Poppy; she needs the interview to air. Poppy worries it’ll ruin Eva’s career, and the two get into a heated argument.

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Having figured out that Finney was being blackmailed, Poppy heads to the man himself. What she expects to be another heated argument or a villainous confession is something else entirely. Finney writes her a note stating he cannot talk here; he is being recorded. They organize to meet later.

How is Finney killed?

Finney is ambushed before that meeting by an unhinged Eva. She confronts her abuser, telling Finney that 30 years ago, she was called Tamara, and she was Finney’s girl. Eva lays out everything that happened, how they started romantically, but then Finney had Eva bring in other girls too. This ended with her mother being deported and dying.

Finney refuses to accept any fault and remains blissfully ignorant. Although he does show acknowledgment, searching for his branding tattoo on her arm. Eva had this removed, though. In the same multistory car park, an unknown attacker runs over and kills Finney. Was this Eva getting her revenge, or another enemy altogether?

After she meets with Finney, Poppy debates Finney’s involvement in the operation, talking with Markus. They wonder who could be above Finney in the hierarchy system. Markus thinks Bill is above Finney, but Poppy is unsure. Aames calls to deliver the bad news, and Finney has been murdered. Markus is angered by this revelation, infuriated by all the injustice. Finney died without facing up to his crimes, and so did Trey. He feels weak and hopeless. Poppy comforts Markus, and the two share an awkward kiss. Poppy blames Markus for being back on the booze, but it takes two to tango, Missy!

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Desiree throws Melanie a surprise party, and the whole gang gathers at Shreve’s bar. Shreve asks his daughter how he can make things right. Poppy thinks Shreve is holding back information from her, that he knows more about her biological father than he is letting on. Shreve takes Poppy to visit her uncle to prove his loyalty to her. The uncle explains the relationship between Poppy’s mother and Alexander, her biological father. He was abusive and controlling. Poppy’s world is falling apart all around her; she feels she doesn’t know who her friends or family are, which she verbalizes in her podcast and to Shreve.

In the final scene, Poppy tells Eva about Finney’s death. Eva doesn’t seem too shocked or upset by the news. She says that he got what he deserved. Eva apologizes to Poppy about the argument, and Poppy does likewise about the podcast. Poppy admits that she was judging Eva but needs the Principal’s help now. They still need to find out who was blackmailing Finney and catch his killer. Will Poppy find out about Eva’s meeting with Finney? And was it Eva who killed Finney after all?

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