Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits Review – an absolute brilliant special

By Ricky Valero
Published: April 18, 2023


Alex Borstein came out with something to prove and knocked it out of the park with this incredible special.

We review the Prime Video stand-up comedy special Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits, released on April 18, 2023.

Alex Borstein trained at the ACME Comedy Theatre for improvisational comedy. This led to her joining the cast of Mad TV and later on landing the role of Lois on Family Guy.

More recently, she starred in the hit Prime Video series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which has won her two Primetime Emmys.

Now, Borstein hits the stage for her first special, Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits.

Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits Review

Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits is a special that will lead audiences on a journey of Borstein’s mind through the marriage of humor and music.

The special begins with Borstein looking for an outfit to wear on the stage, and she gets some help from fellow castmates. Later, we see her introduced to the stage in this slightly outlandish outfit. On the stage were the men from earlier playing some instruments.

She opens with a bit about celebrities and how they don’t like when you ask them about their weight loss journey after forcing them to follow it on their social media pages.

When watching this, it felt like Borstein was trying certain things you typically see when an artist goes on a tour to prepare for a big special.

However, she did it with a live audience while taping her special, and I think she nailed it. She overcame some slight nerves early, but her authenticity came out strongly like she had something to prove, and the special was better for it.

Speaking of that authenticity, Borstein layered this story to highlight the struggle she faced coming out of her twenty-year marriage. Her ability to be vulnerable was admirable. I am sure this was therapeutic for her, but it will be for others facing these same decisions in their own lives.

It’s not easy being an open book in front of an audience and sharing the things you might be scared of after years of comfort.

I give a massive amount of credit to Alex Borstein for her ability to blend the music and comedy together that both land in their own way while also making you laugh at both. Borstein has this charisma about her that commands your attention so that you can’t take your eyes off the stage. I haven’t been more captivated by a special of this type in a long time.

Is Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits good?

Yes, Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits is a creative and funny special. Borstein’s writing is next level, which will have people laughing while also doing some self-reflecting.

It is one of the more unique and creative specials I’ve ever seen. You don’t want to miss this one, it’s extraordinary.

What did you think of the Prime Video stand up comedy special Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown Suits? Comment below.

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