Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 3 recap – “Collapse”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2021
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 3 - Collapse


Episode 3 brings heartbreaks and police raids as the story built up last season start to come to fruition. We still have no idea who killed Sara, but who cares — this drama is brilliant.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 3, “Collapse,” contains spoilers. 

Damn, this series gets better and better. As I’ve said in previous recaps, it’s addictive; it seems to have a way of reeling in the audience even if it gets more ridiculous. If a character revealed they had a nuclear bomb stored in their bedroom, I’d still be all in. Credit to the writing, I guess?

To begin Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 3, flashbacks show Cesar driving in the rain — he enters her house with a gun and looks for Sara — he’s concerned for her safety. Meanwhile, outside, Sara is getting attacked by a man, so Cesar shoots him — we can assume the man he shot is the corpse that Alex found. This is what Cesar means when he says he saved Sara’s life when talking to Alex in the last episode.

Rodolfo drops the truth to his parents

In the present day, Rodolfo tells his father that he had a vasectomy, so only Cesar could have impregnated Sofia. He warns his family that the past always catches up, and he tells them he never wants to see either of them again. Mariana tears up at the truth, but Cesar tells her not to make a scene in the hospital. She asks him if the unborn baby will have their last name, and she thought he was just having an affair with a faceless, nameless woman — she ponders what kind of man he has turned into.

These characters have zero self-awareness at all — Mariana has just killed Elroy, and she’s talking to Cesar like he’s the only monster in the room!

Alex speaks to Mariana

At the hospital, Alex asks Mariana about Sara’s relationship with Cesar. Mariana gets frustrated and tells Alex that his sister was insane. Alex asks about Sara’s child and wonders who the child is. Mariana tells him that Nicandro was the father, and they deceived her son. Marifer enters the conversation as she’s at the hospital to check up on Elisa. She references how Cristina, her mother, was a cook for the Lazcano family for a while.  Everyone is interconnected!

Moncho wants money off Chema

As for Chema, he has to deal with Clara’s ex Moncho sitting in his home. Clara begs him to leave, but he isn’t letting her go. Moncho wants money off Chema to fix this situation, or he will take it further. He spits at Clara before walking out.

Marifer believes Alex is obsessed with the Lazcano family 

Alex takes Marifer home, and he asks questions about Sara and her doctor. Marifer tells Alex that he’s becoming obsessed with this family; she shows him a scar on her wrist and explains that Sara swiped her with scissors. Alex asks about Nicandro and wonders if he is the corpse from the yard — he ponders whether Nicandro was the father of Sara’s child. Afterward, Marifer meets Clara and asks her to do anything to get Chema to forget about Lorenzo and to get rid of her lowlife ex-boyfriend.

Clara dresses up in a suit for Chema and pretends to be Lorenzo. She seduces him, and they have sex. I don’t know how pretending to be Lorenzo is going to solve the issue!

Elisa believes in justice, not “eye for an eye.”

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 3 does provide a blow for the audience — the magnetic Elisa decides “enough is enough,” and are we surprised after a bomb nearly killed her? No.

Elisa visits Alex’s house, and she’s angry about the bomb planted at the amusement park. She doesn’t believe that it is justice to kill her father. Alex says he wasn’t looking for justice. Elisa states that his sister was insane, and she saw his diary. Alex seems to be past it; his obsession has taken over, and Elisa can see it. She tells him that it “all ends soon.” The pair embrace and Alex tells her to make the final decision. Elisa says goodbye. As she leaves, Alex states he’s about to send an email with evidence of Flor Sanchez and the girls her father stores in the basement; he says it’s ready to go to the media. Elisa tells Alex she believes in justice and sends the email. She insists she was always on his side, and Alex apologizes — she leaves his home absolutely heartbroken, and the audience will be too. It’s over for these two (for now) as Elisa heads to her dream University.

Sara meets Abel 

Episode 3 provides context to Sara’s discovery of her father.

In a flashback, Sara tells Marifer that she doesn’t need anyone and walks away from her. Sara’s paranoia has peaked. Then, in a shocking scene, she smashes her head into the mirror. Sara heads to the psychiatric facility to visit Abel Martinez. He tells her that she looks like her mother when she was younger and refers to Sara as his “little princess”. Sara learns that this man is her father. Sara is creeped out by her father as he grabs her hand — he tells her not to go. Abel tells Sara that her mother is not a good person — he recalls times with Lucia where he felt he wasn’t noticed and insignificant. Their session ends early as Abel tells Sara they can be free together.

The sex trafficking system is found

With the news leaking about the trafficking ring Cesar runs, the police head to the casino. Cesar stands drunk, looking out of the window of his apartment. He picks up the phone and tells the police he’d like to report a man that abused many women — he throws Sergio under the bus. Alex watches the events unfold on CCTV and smiles. The police find the basement and the many women in there.

At the airport, Sergio is arrested. Cesar deliberates shooting himself, but he puts the gun down.

The ending 

Lorenzo returns and sees Clara and Chema in bed — he’s furious, and Lorenzo does not buy his excuses. Then, Moncho heads into the apartment, and he wants the money he asked for. Moncho smashes a bottle and threatens Clara — he then attacks Lorenzo, so Chema grabs a knife and stabs Moncho in the back.

Marifer heads to Alex’s place, and she asks if he orchestrated what happened in the casino — she calls him a hero. She’s excited and wants to celebrate it “if his girlfriend allows it.” When she learns that Elisa has left on a plane to Spain, Marifer wants to comfort him and starts undressing Alex — she’s extremely horny. She asks him if he remembers all the times they fucked. As they have sex, Alex’s phone buzzes — it is Nicandro. He’s outside Alex’s house.

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 3 brings heartbreaks and police raids as the story built up last season start to come to fruition. We still have no idea who killed Sara, but who cares — this drama is brilliant.

Additional points
  • A drunk Rodolfo sits by the pool, and his son comes over to him, and they hug. Then, his son tells him he wants to live with him and calls Rodolfo his “dad”.

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