Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 7 recap – “We Were Never Friends”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2021
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 2, episode 7 - We Were Never Friends


Episode 7 is an exciting penultimate chapter that builds up for an explosive grand finale, but the question in the title remains to be answered.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 7, “We Were Never Friends,” contains spoilers. 

Well, here is the penultimate episode of the second season, and it really does feel like it’s going to end with the finale this time and not push for a third season. Let’s hope so because as much as this story is exciting, it doesn’t need any more episodes.

To open episode 7, flashbacks go further back with Sara’s mother and Marifer’s mother making friends. Further scenes then show Cristina talking about bringing another daughter into this world (Clara), and Mariana is understanding, explaining that her house is open for her. The flashbacks flit forward, and Sara does not know where Abel Martinez is. It’s then revealed that Sara finds out that Cristina was married to Abel Martinez, which means…Marifer is her sister.

Dealing with Sergio 

But less about that — what we really wanted to know is what happened in the graveyard between Alex, Sergio, and Elisa.

Back to the present in the crypt, Alex frees Elisa while Cesar deals with Sergio; he shoots Sergio’s leg, so he falls to the floor. Sergio calls Cesar a monster like his wife — he states that Mariana sent Elroy to kill Sara and cut the ropes. Multiple gunshots are heard outside, so Alex drives off with Elisa in the back. Cesar jumps into the back to care for his daughter. Flashbacks show that Cesar initially missed his chance to kill Sergio and got away; however, after tracking him down, he killed him. He smeared his blood on his face to represent himself as the “hunter.”

Alex asks Cesar about Abel Martinez and why he killed him — Cesar is not sure, but he knows he put Sara in danger. Flashbacks show Cesar and Sergio dealing with Abel’s body and Sergio taking the dead man’s identification. He used it to evade justice for twenty years. Alex takes Elisa into the hospital while Cesar flees — he’s a “dead man” still, so he cannot stay around for long.

Sneaking the baby out

Episode 7 shows how Rodolfo is not completely bitter and that he’s willing to put down his grievances to prevent his mother from getting her way.

Mariana is proceeding with plans to get custody of Sofia’s daughter — she wants DNA tests to prove Cesar is biologically the father. However, Rodolfo has put a plan together with his son, and they help Sofia sneak out of the hospital with her child. Bruno, Bruno’s biological father, and Sofia will be flying away to look after the child together. Bruno calls it a chance for his brother not to be “like a Lazcano.” Rodolfo selflessly helps them get away.

Alex learns the other side of Sara from Nicandro 

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 7 provides Alex with some further truths, but this time about his sister. Also, he learns there’s more to Marifer than meets the eye.

Nicandro visits Alex; he shows the photos Elroy gave him of Sara that prove she had another life. Alex is surprised Nicandro has come to him after all these years; Nicandro was afraid to approach Alex due to him selling drugs with Sara. Alex remembers the doctor telling him that drugs would not have helped Sara’s mood. Nicandro explains how Sara tried to kill him by tinkering with his motorcycle and then ratted him out to his family for being a drug dealer.

Alex asks the question — did you kill my sister? Nicandro says he didn’t kill Sara.

Attention turns to Marifer — Alex learns that Marifer was at the holiday house in Valle the day Sara died. Nicandro wonders if she was looking into the disappearance of her mother. Flashbacks show Sara found Marifer spying that day.

Chema blames himself

Chema is grieving over the death of Lorenzo, and his brother Rodolfo comforts him. He’s blaming the death of Lorenzo on him for wanting to have a baby, which brought Clara to him. Rodolfo tells Chema not to blame himself. But then Chema confesses and tells Rodolfo that he killed Moncho and that he now knows the Lazcano family are a piece of shit.

The ending

The ending of the penultimate chapter builds up the story for the grand finale…

Clara speaks to Mariana and tells her that her sister is mentally ill, and she convinced her to have Chema’s child so she can blackmail the family so they could find out the truth about their mother. She asks for help and states she trusts the Lazcano family.

Alex messages Diana the Huntress and tells her that they need to meet as he knows who she is. Marifer sees the message and closes her laptop in shock.

Rodolfo tells Chema that Alex needs to pay and that he’s behind all of this — he believes all of this is planned, but Chema tells him that he’s starting to sound like his father and that their family created all of this mess. Rodolfo says there’s an arrest warrant on Alex over the murder of Abel Martinez.

Nicandro asks Alex if he can visit Sara’s room so he can obtain closure in his life — he sees a  small sculpture in her room that is his, and there’s a small tape inside that says “Abel.”

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 7 is an exciting penultimate chapter that builds up for an explosive grand finale, but the question in the title remains to be answered.

Additional points
  • Flashbacks show Sara having psychiatric therapy s she doesn’t want to be like her father — Marifer watches on.
  • Elisa wakes up in the hospital, and she looks like she has recovered as she discharges herself.
  • Marifer is angry with Clara that her ex-boyfriend ruined their plans, but Clara didn’t know it would lead to Lorenzo being murdered by Moncho’s brother. So Marifer wants to speed things up.

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