Virgin River season 4 – is Jack the father?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2022
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This article, “is Jack the father” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Virgin River season 4.

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One of the major questions in season four of Virgin River is whether Jack is the father of Mel’s unborn baby or not. This storyline sits at the very heart of the series, effecting the perfect couple’s relationship and future prospects. Luckily, the writers don’t hold back and deliver a firm answer to this burning question by the season’s finale. So, is Jack the father?

Virgin River season 4 – is Jack the father?

Well the short answer is yes, but the show runners have further surprises in store and the paternity result isn’t the end of his woes. The finale also brings up uncertainty over him being the father of Charmaine’s twins as well, which makes for quite the twist ending to the show.

Let’s start by discussing Mel and Jack’s paternity issues. At the start of season four, Mel wants Jack to take a non-evasive test to see if he is the real father. Mel is unsure whether her deceased ex Mark was the father or new partner Jack. Bar owner and ex-Marine Jack isn’t too keen on taking this test, as he worries if the results don’t go his way he may act differently to fathering the child. It’s a tricky situation for Jack. He is deeply in love with Mel and wants to support her, but if the child isn’t biologically his, then it will adversely affect his feelings towards the baby. Obviously Jack’s thinking around this dilemma changes as the series progresses.

Eventually, Jack accepts the test and the results are in his favor. He is the father and they are excited to have a baby girl. Mel has had her own fertility issues in the past, freezing embryos and having a stillborn daughter. It’s a traumatic and emotional topic for the midwife and one that the series exploits for added drama. Mel has to deal with delivering a stillborn herself, whilst juggling an array of other stressful predicaments throughout the twelve-episode season.

Jack and Mel are ecstatic to be having a daughter together and the pregnancy seems to be on track, even with all the trauma and tragedy they face on a daily basis. The finale saves its greatest twist for the end though, with Charmaine phoning Jack, telling him it is an emergency. Jack and Mel rush over to find Charmaine on the floor, struggling to breathe. She says this is karma for lying to Jack all this time, the twins aren’t his.

It’s a real shocking twist that will surely be explored in more detail in the subsequent season. A revelation that prompts a lot of questions. Why did she lie? Who is the actual father? The writers hint at relationship problems between Todd and Charmaine, with the husband barely around. Charmaine thinks he’s having an affair and the evidence is clear for all to see. If Todd is the father, maybe he is having second thoughts and desperately wants out of the situation. Charmaine may have dragged Jack along, hoping he would care for the babies when Todd eventually left her.

What are your thoughts on this revelation? Is Todd the twins’ father? Why did Charmaine lie to Jack all this time? Please comment below.

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