Virgin River season 4, episode 2 recap – Mel faces tragedy in a busy second instalment

July 20, 2022
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One particularly tragic event profoundly affects Mel in this packed installment. The drama continues with your standard soap opera theatrics and some genuinely poignant scenes.

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One particularly tragic event profoundly affects Mel in this packed installment. The drama continues with your standard soap opera theatrics and some genuinely poignant scenes.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 4, episode 2, contains spoilers.

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Tragedy strikes in the second instalment of season four of Virgin River, with death, hospitalizations and further scandal on the cards for our humble townsfolk. The drama continues in a packed episode as all the separate storylines seamlessly weave together, building on the opening chapter.

Virgin River season 4, episode 2 recap

After Brady was shivved in the premiere’s climax, the criminal is immediately rushed off to hospital. Mike, Jack and Mel are first on the scene, followed by ex-girlfriend Brie (Jack’s sister). Jack appeals to detective Mike, stating that he now knows Brady is innocent and believes Vince was actually the one who shot him. But Mike won’t listen, recounting the indisputable evidence – the gun was a match. Brady has a lacerated kidney, but will most likely survive. Jack blames himself for the situation. It is his fault after all that Brady was incarcerated in the first place and now he has been attacked, which weighs heavily on Jack’s consciences. Mel tries to comfort her partner, but receives an unfortunate phone call in the meantime. To add insult to injury, Jack’s father is back in town.

Jack and his dad’s relationship isn’t on the best of terms and Mel only makes matters worse when she lets slip that Jack is going to be a father himself, with ex Charmaine having twins. Mel is guilt-ridden and apologizes profusely. The old fashioned father just can’t understand why Jack isn’t marrying Charmaine or at least fighting to be the twin’s sole father. He worries that Jack won’t be in the twins’ life enough when he has to compete with Charmaine’s husband. Jack explains he will be co-parenting, but Jack’s father is having none of it. Jack receives the silent treatment once more. Lucky that he didn’t mention Mel’s pregnancy then.

Meanwhile, the many subplots trundle along, building some momentum. Hope is still struggling to adjust to her new life after the crash and hits out at husband Doc. He’s coaxed her into socializing again, but a rendezvous with the gals goes terribly wrong. Tara (Lilly’s daughter) arrives bringing back fresh memories of Lilly, and Hope has to leave. Mel tries to explain how all the senses can trigger heightened emotional responses. Hope may have just been overwhelmed by the situation and lashed out. She just wants her old life back and is frustrated by the complete transformation of her own personality. Again, Mel is on hand to play Agony Aunt, trying to comfort her friend.

Doc meets up with Denny, who claims to be his grandson. Doc can’t believe that he was never informed of being a father, never mind a grandfather. Rose’s sister lied to him, saying Rose had died. Denny himself struggles to understand this murky web of lies, but believes Rose wanted to protect Doc’s budding career when she fell pregnant – it all came from a good place. Denny tells Doc that his father (and Doc’s son) passed away last month. Doc tries to put a positive spin on it all, seeing it as an opportunity to get to know Denny more, but the news still stings. Denny himself starts to get to know Lizzie a little more closely, with the two enjoying a pedal boat date.

Brie and Brady are reunited in the hospital, with Brie declaring her love for the prisoner. She informs him that Jack’s memory has returned and Brady is finally innocent in the family’s eyes. Brie says she will fight to prove this innocence, but Brady’s criminal boss Calvin returns to Virgin River, throwing doubt over proceedings. He threatens the couple, pressuring Brady to start making some money on the inside or else.

The ending

At the doctors, Cameron asks for Mel’s help delivering a baby, but the child is stillborn. This tragedy really cuts to the bone, but has an added significance for the now pregnant Mel. She’s forced to relive her own heart-breaking stillbirth. The death has a profound effect on Mel, visibly disturbing the midwife. She worries about her own pregnancy and purposely keeps this incident from Jack. The mother does give birth to a second baby though, that is thankfully healthy and well. Although, this tragic event is sure to disturb Mel in unforeseen ways.

Jack and his father eventually patch things up. The father admits that he was annoyed Jack enlisted all those years ago and worries this life he has made for himself here isn’t up to his standards. Jack says he is happy with life in Virgin River and hopes his dad will one day accept this. The father says he is trying. As the family eat at the dinner table, there is just time for one final revelation. Jack’s father confesses that Jack’s mother wants a divorce.

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