Virgin River season 4, episode 7 recap – more soap opera drama as Mel’s sister arrives with a surprise announcement

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2022
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The separate subplots carry on while Mel’s sister drops by to deliver a shocking surprise. The show continues to feel like your average daytime drama – easy-going if forgettable TV.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 4, episode 7, contains spoilers.

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After the previous installment’s shock ending, Mel finds herself at the clinic, receiving a baby scan from Doc. He tells her that the baby is fine, with a strong heartbeat – all is well. Doc congratulates the couple on their secret pregnancy and agrees to tell no one the news. Mel is ordered to get some rest and to have the day off, but as usual in Virgin River, no one seems to get even an afternoon off, when there is so much drama ready to unfold.

Virgin River season 4, episode 7 recap

Mel argues with Jack over his drinking problem back at the house. She says how scared and forlorn she felt the night before. When her stomach cramps were taking place, Jack was passed out drunk in the garden. Mel worried she’d have to drive to the hospital on her own due to a possible miscarriage. It’s a terrible situation that highlights Jack’s addiction, something the creators have slowly hinted at over the course of the season. He apologizes, but continues to drink that very same day.

Joey arrives just in time to put an end to the bickering. Mel’s sister makes a surprise appearance to disclose some rather exciting news (for a change). She is engaged to Nate, her childhood sweetheart. Joey informs her sister later at the bar how they’ve only been together a month, after parting ways all those years ago. Adding that they will be marrying tomorrow. Mel is rightfully shocked and warns her sister about this reckless move. She’s anxious that Joey will regret this decision, although Joey is happy to take the risk.

Hope’s slow recovery continues, with Denny finding her launching the TV remote across the room in frustration. He offers to cook Hope and Doc a meal and drives her to Jack’s Bar for some hot gossip with the gals. The sewing circle are nattering away, with news of Joey’s wedding spreading at record speed through Virgin River. Hope joins in the conversation, which soon turns to plans for a memorial garden for Lilly. Meanwhile, Denny invites Lizzie to the meal and she accepts.

Brady’s criminal shenanigans are also developing further with Mike calling him in for a favor. Brie tags along for moral support. Mike explains how Jimmy is out of prison and has reoffended already. Jimmy orchestrated the stabbing of Brady in jail and works alongside kingpin Calvin. Mike says all charges have been dropped and the police have planned a deal with Jimmy instead. Brady is furious, almost attacking the detective, but Brie stops things from escalating. Mike asks for Brady’s help in convincing Jimmy to take the deal: a new identity if he’ll testify against Calvin. Brady manages to convince Jimmy to take the deal, but Mike warns him about his own connections to Calvin. He threatens to arrest Brady if he is ever caught involved in Calvin’s drug operation.

The ending

Doc and Cameron find themselves hiking into the forest to help a fallen hunter. Preacher and Julia’s romance stalls when he confesses to being in a previous relationship with Paige and explains his guardianship with Christopher. Hope gives Mel some sound advice about Joey’s sudden marriage and again Denny goes hot and cold with Lizzie. Lizzie then discovers Denny’s stash of pills, which are written out to his dad.

As the episode draws to a close, Mel visits Joey to make amends. But Nate answers the door instead and relays Mel’s message. Unfortunately, Nate wasn’t aware of the sister’s quarrel and breaks off the wedding. In other scenes, Hope crashes her car and Doc hikes back to find help in the dwindling daylight. Mel and Jack’s argument wages on. He’s excited about starting a new glamping business, but Mel admits she caught him drinking at the bar and calls him careless. This alcohol dependency is a real sticking point for Mel and she will not let it go. Hopefully the two can patch things up, although Jack is on rather thin ice at the moment.

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