Virgin River season 4, episode 8 recap – finding time for some light comedy and warmth

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2022
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Mel prepares a surprise for her sister in this latest installment. There are plenty of wholesome moments and cute romance on the cards in this Netflix original.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 4, episode 8, contains spoilers.

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In episode seven, Mel managed to accidentally ruin her sister’s wedding and spends this instalment trying desperately to make up for this faux pas. Chapter eight is filled with your usual subplots, but finds time for some rare comedy and some tender moments of neighborliness. The community spirit may be sickly sweet in Virgin River, but it serves its purpose.

Virgin River season 4, episode 8 recap

Mel meets with Nate to discuss the cancelled wedding, blaming herself for his change of heart. Although Nate sees it differently, admitting that Mel was right, they may have rushed into things. It was Nate’s idea in the first place and he worries Joey might just be humoring him, eager to please. She leaves wanting to fix things, frustrated how the situation has concluded. Mel puts one dilemma on hold and tries to solve another – Jack’s drinking problem. This one goes more successfully, with Jack agreeing to stop drinking for good.

Mel meets with her sister and Joey delivers the good news. The wedding is back on, they’re getting married today. Well, that was a quick turnaround. Mel asks to be her maid of honor and gets the go ahead to throw a reception party. She is one stubborn woman and needs a win. Mel plans to surprise Joey with a secret ceremony instead, but she only has one day to prepare.

Doc returns with medics just in time to save the day. Charlie has gone into shock and Cameron was considering attempting to carry the injured man to safety with just Charlie’s fellow hunting partner to help. The doctors head back to the clinic after a rough night on the job, with Mel revealing the good news. Cameron offers to cover Mel’s shift so that she can organize the main event more freely. She rushes off, giving Doc the opportunity to point out the most obvious of observations. He presumes Cameron is infatuated with Mel, and he may not be the only one to spot this.

Suspicious grandson Denny continues to provide further red flags. After breaking into the clinic’s drugs cabinet and with Lizzie finding his hidden stash of pills, Denny engages in some more distrustful snooping. He uncovers all Doc’s bank details and financial paperwork, hastily taking pictures of the files. Meanwhile, Lizzie tries to clear her conscience and asks Connie what to do about her discovery. Later she discloses her secret to Doc. The Doc himself confronts Denny about the drugs cabinet fiasco and the grandson lies, stating he just had a headache. I think the old man may be onto him. And rightfully so, later Denny pretends to be Doc, using his identity and cashing out a large withdrawal of money. It was a con after all, Muriel was right.

Brie is tipped off that a female was the donor who bailed Brady out of prison and the lawyer tracks down her license plate. The car is in Melissa Montgomery’s name. She informs Mike of her discoveries. He responds with news that the police force are still trying to hunt down Calvin. Mike is needed later in the day when a leak at the bar unveils a hidden bloody knife that may be an integral piece of evidence.

Mel keeps moving forwards with the wedding planning. Buying Joey the perfect wedding dress in secret. Charmaine overhears the talk of rushed weddings and believes Mel and Jack are finally tying the knot. Mel denies this, but Charmaine won’t have any of it. She says she’s happy for them and hopes one day they’ll all be friends again, forgiving Mel for her previous offences.

The ending

Jack rummages through piles of rubbish at his storage unit and finds an old photograph with sentimental value. The bar owner goes for drinks with Nate and seems tempted to down a shot. He then texts Mel that he will be late to the wedding, but goes off the grid, never to be heard from again.

The wedding goes ahead without Jack. It’s a beautiful ceremony and the Virgin River townsfolk all enjoy the first dance together. Spirits are high with the celebrations and Charlie’s thankful recovery. It’s a lovely example of community spirit that feels wholesome and sweet, something Virgin River can always seem to deliver on. Even Lizzie and Ricky share a cute moment together, whilst Muriel whisks Cameron away from Mel’s side for a cheeky dance. When the party is over, Mel is left alone with no news on Jack’s whereabouts. She breaks down, worried sick over her partner’s disappearance and in the final moments, Preacher arrives, yet he can’t seem to find Jack either.

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