Bright: Samurai Soul ending explained – the co-existence of light and dark

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 13, 2021
ending of the Netflix anime film Bright: Samurai Soul

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix anime film Bright: Samurai Soul and will contain spoilers. 

I am not a frequent anime viewer but this anime film is very well made and I am now curious about this genre. This is the story of a human Ronin and orc assassin uniting to save an elf orphan from her imminent danger from their arch nemesis. Filled with mythological and fantastical elements, this film is quite intriguing.

This anime film revolves around Sonya, an elf orphan brought into a brothel in Kyoto. She befriends a high courtesan Chihaya. Soon the brothel was attacked by some goons to capture Sonya. For the rescue of Sonya, Chihaya sacrificed herself and in her final moments, she gave her hairpin to Sonya to take it to the land of elves, Hakodate.

To this process, Sonya sought help from Izou, the guard of the brothel, and Raiden, an orc who initially came to capture Sonya. In their journey, they are met with unwanted circumstances with both Raiden and Izou nearly killed and Sonya being captured. But as Raiden and Izou were saved by a centaur, Tsukuyomi, he narrated the story of the bright and the magic wand. The magic wand has magical powers which can lead the world to either darkness or light. They also came to know that two opposite groups are fighting for the magic wand. One is called ‘The Shield of Light’ and the other one is ‘Inferni’. The magic wand was only used by a Bright. Izou and Raiden understood that Sonya may be a Bright and on that basis, she was captured by the Inferni.

Netflix’s Bright: Samurai Soul ending explained

In the end, both Raiden and Izou found Sonya and tried to rescue them. In this process, they both faced their arch nemesis. Raiden faced his boss, who gave orders to him to capture Sonya from the brothel and Izou faced his old master, Koketsu, an Inferni officer. In a bloody fight, Raiden defeated his boss by killing himself. But Izou couldn’t kill Koketsu and he got killed by Koketsu. At this moment Sonya came to the scene. She cried on his body, only to found the hairpin of Chihaya under his kimono. She found out that it was the magic wand. She used it and the Izou revived from his death and Koketsu was exterminated.

In the later scene, we also saw Raiden, fully fit and active. So, the magic wand revived him as well. Sonya, at last, bade goodbye to Izou and Raiden and set to sail with her fellow ‘Shield of Light’ comrades. After they were gone, we found out that Izou had got the magic wand and he threw it into the water. In the voice-over, we heard his voice stating that we can’t have full brightness and darkness in this world as both co-exist with each other. So, we shouldn’t have to be ashamed of light as well as not being afraid of darkness. In the end scene, we see the wand drowns in the water symbolizes that this struggle between light and darkness must end as it can’t be separated. Both will be present in this world but in the end, we have to decide which side we want to take.

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