Virgin River season 3, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Jack and Jill”?

July 9, 2021
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Episode 6 brings the Lumberjack Games, which is an opportunity for the characters to air their issue in a roundabout chapter.

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Episode 6 brings the Lumberjack Games, which is an opportunity for the characters to air their issue in a roundabout chapter.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 3, episode 6, “Jack and Jill,” contains spoilers.

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I think every season, there’s this town event where arguments spill over and secrets are revealed — episode 6 is that chapter in season 3.

Episode 6 opens with Brie claiming she is fine before retching in the bathroom. Jack notices the Xanax medication and wonders why she is taking it. Mel raises that it’s for anxiety, and she was a mess when Jack was shot. Jack feels like it’s his fault, but Mel tells him to talk to her when he gets the chance. Meanwhile, the main premise of the chapter is the Lumberjack Games, and there’s plenty of preparation, and Doc is unhappy that he has to help organize it.

Tara is struggling with her mother’s condition

And the Games begin which is a variety of challenges that involves a lot of saws, axes, and food. Lilly realizes when she arrives that Tara told others that she is sick. Everyone knows about her terminal illness. Tara struggles, but Lilly plays the strong mother for her daughter and confronts it head-on with others.

The new primary suspect

Mike heads to the Lumberjack Games and tells Jack that Brady doesn’t have an alibi, and he has two hours unaccounted for. He’s now a prime suspect. Jack is surprised and doesn’t see Brady being the one who shot him.

Brie opens up to Mel to why she takes Xanax

Brie tells Mel that she took Xanax before the shooting of Jack and that she had a messy breakup with an attorney. She couldn’t stand seeing him in court, which is why she quit. Mel advises that she confides in Jack.

The worst time to have a discussion

Not everything is all gravy with Mel and Jack — despite their sweet-talking, underneath it all, there are a few issues that they need to iron out, and episode 6 demonstrates that.

Mel and Jack couple up as a team in the “Jack and Jill” game. They basically have to saw a log together, and the team that saws through the log first wins. While sawing, they talk about Brie, and Mel tells him about the break-up and thinks he should talk to her. They then talk about priorities in life and how some people pull back with feelings. Jack feels the comment was aimed at him, and Mel says she thinks the idea of a relationship bringing new commitments freaks him out.

Christopher missing // Brie tells Jack that he was MIA

Preacher raises how he cannot find Christopher and asks Mel and Jack for help. While helping, Jack bumps into Brie and asks her to open up. Brie tells Jack that he’s been MIA since Iraq, and sometimes she feels like he’s a stranger.

Christopher is found, and Preacher is frustrated that he moved from where he was. He wants him to understand that he’s responsible for him and promised to take care of him. Christopher tells him he will not do it again.

Clay shooting with AMD

Due to lack of participants. Doc has to take part in the clay shooting. Due to his AMD, he is worried that he cannot be accurate, however, he does manage to hit the clays.

Another activity, another argument

Jack and Mel team up for the treetop race, and the tension between them is still there. While doing the activity, Jack tells Mel that he wanted the relationship, but Mel says that she feels he has been protecting himself since making the leap. Jack says if it’s about the babies, he needs a couple of days, but Mel says it’s all about communication. They then get silly with each other to ease the tension and fall off the treetop, so they both hang in their harnesses.

It’s all good being silly, though, but what about the issue at hand?

Giving away the dog

Charmaine tells Jack that they need to rehouse the dog Tucker because Todd has allergies. Jack offers to take the dog. She is clearly broken up about giving the dog up. She then reveals that Todd isn’t allergic, but he isn’t a dog person. Jack thinks it’s a “crappy sacrifice.”

The ending of Virgin River season 3, episode 6

Jack and Mel apologize for their arguments. They then talk about Mandy, Jack’s ex-wife. Jack tells her it wasn’t a long marriage. Mel wonders what else she doesn’t know. Jack states that wherever they end up, he wants them to be happy. Mel reiterates that the feeling of having her own baby will not go away.

Mel then gets a call — there’s an emergency at Lilly’s.

Episode 6 brings the Lumberjack Games, which is an opportunity for the characters to air their issue in a roundabout chapter.

Additional points
  • Ricky tells Lizzie that he doesn’t think they know each other well enough yet to move in together, but then halfway through arguing, he notices the marines stall and walks off. Lizzie notices that he’s considering joining as he talks about his training with a General.
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