Virgin River season 2, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Breaking Point”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 27, 2020 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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“Breaking Point” deals with grief as Mel tries to have a normal day on the anniversary of Mark’s death.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 2, episode 7, “Breaking Point” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening 

“Breaking Point” begins with Mel helping out with a birth with Doc. The woman is named Anne. At first, the baby is silent, and there’s a slight worry in the room, but then the baby cries. Doc is taking it easy on Mel because it’s the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death. Mel marks that she’s made it one year without Mark, so she sees it as a goal. She’s attempting to treat the day like any other day, but as the audience, we know that the character will not be able to contain the grief that easily. 

Preacher is understandably worried 

The sheriff comes over to the bar and talks about the body they’ve found. Preacher is looking instantly worried, but he does well to keep calm while he gets the sheriff a coffee. When he speaks to Connie about it, she tells him to “deny, deny, deny” if the body is Wes.

Ricky flips 

Ricky apologizes to Jack that he was late for his shift. He explains he was in a car accident with Lizzie. Jack asks if he got permission to take his grandma’s car; he feels Lizzie is a bad influence on him. Ricky tells Jack that he’s got his ex-girlfriend pregnant and he’s in love with someone else before storming off. I mean, he’s got a point about Jack — maybe he isn’t the right person for advice on this. 

Charmaine is furious at Jack (shock)

Charmaine heads to the clinic to have a discussion with Mel about her birth plan. She is bothered that Jack and Mel were together the night previously — she knows Jack lied as he said he was heading to the bar. But Charmaine refuses to reschedule the birth plan and wants to continue. One day, it may sink in for Charmaine, that Jack isn’t interested in her in that way. Charmaine is anxious about being in the hospital for her birth which erupts into arguments because of the risks of home birth with twins. Mel leaves Jack and Charmaine to talk about it.

Let the ladies talk it out

Jack tells Mel that he lied to Charmaine because he freaked out at seeing all the baby things for the nursery room. He asks Mel to talk to her, so she makes a fully informed decision. Mel tells Charmaine that she had a stillbirth to give her perspective. They agree with the safest option. The birth plan involves being at the clinic with a doula present and an ambulance outside in case Charmaine needs to flee to the hospital. Outside of the clinic, Mel tells Jack that she’s the reason she’s still standing and that she wouldn’t have lasted in Virgin River if it wasn’t for him. Jack’s face says it all in this scene; he’s suddenly realized how much he means to Mel.

A romantic dinner 

Hope and Doc have a romantic dinner together in Virgin River season 2, episode 7. However, when they get to the fancy restaurant, Muriel is there, which ruins the mood — she joins the table. Muriel recommended the restaurant to Doc to make matters worse. Hope kisses Doc aggressively to prove a point to Muriel. 

A jog, dance, and then a letter 

Mel goes for a jog and ends up returning home dancing to music. She’s in a better mood than she thought she would be on this day. But then she sees a letter that’s been sent to her, and she looks concerned. 

Brady asks for help

Brady asks Jack for help over Lilly and the farm sale. Jack tells him that she cannot sell the farm to Calvin. Brady mentions that Calvin wants him to take over the business. Jack gets frustrated and shows Brady the photo of the dead body and states that’s how Calvin treats people. It’s obvious at this point that the series is dragging this subplot, as it’s likely to become the main storyline later. 

The ending 

Preacher goes to Connie fretting again that the sheriff is getting closer. Connie tells him it’s time for plan B — to build him and Paige an alibi. It’s almost like Connie has done this before. Jack visits Mel’s home, and she’s in bed, crying. She shows him the letter — it’s addressed to Mark, and it was forwarded from their house in L.A. to her house. Jack comforts her as she sobs. She’s not over the hill with her grief after all.

Virgin River season 2, episode 7 deals with grief as Mel tries to have a normal day on the anniversary of Mark’s death. Other elements in the plot are beginning to grow, including the dead body, which means Preacher has to build an alibi. Plus, Brady is lurking. Plenty of stories to chew on for the remaining chapters.

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  • Lizzie offers Ricky a sexual favor to make up for getting him in trouble with Jack. The pair seem to be really close now, but it’s a mischievous relationship.

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