Hellbound season 1, episode 5 recap – the truth about Sodo

November 19, 2021
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The conspiratorial nature suits the penultimate chapter as Hellbound proves the story’s worth in the latter stages of the series.

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The conspiratorial nature suits the penultimate chapter as Hellbound proves the story’s worth in the latter stages of the series.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1, episode 5 contains spoilers.

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As this series progresses, it moves from religious theory to conspiracy as capitalism and evil take hold to take advantage of a worldwide phenomenon. Episode 5 delivers many truths for Youngjae as he unravels the organization he works for.

Hellbound season 1, episode 5 recap

As episode 5 opens, Deacon Yuji is alerted that Junwon’s car has been found near the fishing dock. “The New Truth” believes he has fled his family. There’s no time to rest, as they have located a new sinner (Kim Yeongseok) who has been served a decree. Meanwhile, Youngjae is in despair after his newborn baby received the prophecy. He remembers Junwon telling him that Sodo Quick Loans would help him once dead. He’s curious as to who Sodo is.

Deacon Yuji visits Kim Yeongseok, and he details how he received the decree — he will die in six days. They need to broadcast his demonstration. Deacon Yuji sees that the man has been using Sodo Laundry Service, which piques his interest in the same way it did for Youngjae. Paster Kim Jeongchil leads the demonstration in front of a TV studio. The three “angels” arrive and beat him badly before performing the ritual in unison. Kim Jeongchil is interested in ratings while it happens.

Deacon Yuji tells the Pastor that he needs to come to the committee and raise something to his attention. He learns that before Kim Yeongseok had his demonstration, he tried to ring lawyer Min Hyejin. They know that she was hostile towards “The New Truth”; they suspect that she’s linked to the organization Sodo, and they are hiding those who have received the decree. Kim Jeongchil gives him the full blessing to do what is necessary to protect “The New Truth.”

Due to not forgetting what he saw with Junwon, Hyeongjun finds Youngjae and tells him that it isn’t sinners who are subjected to the demonstration, and that’s a lie. It’s a supernatural disaster that cannot be figured out. He’s leading a team to find those who have received the decree, believing that humans deserve to die in dignity. An emotional Youngjae reveals his newborn baby has received the decree.

Youngjae meets Min Hyejin, and she warns him of the risks and what measures they have placed to hide what has happened to his baby. She explains that “The New Truth” manipulates to make those who receive a decree look like sinners — it’s a false doctrine. To bring the world on their side about this, they want to broadcast his baby’s demonstration to show the world innocence, and that sinning is not a factor. Youngjae is appalled by their plans and wonders how they are different from “The New Truth.” Min Hyejin tells him that the alternative is for his baby to die a meaningless death, and he can continue making documentaries for “The New Truth.”

The ending

As we reach the end of the penultimate chapter, a couple of events entice viewers for a juicy finale.

Hyeongjun tells Youngjae that his daughter received the decree, and it was an instant demonstration. He was relieved that no one saw his daughter cruelly pulled apart. He apologizes to Youngjae that misfortune has befallen his family. When Youngjae gets home, his wife has disassociated, and she’s not picking up the baby, so he picks his baby up and soothes him — he tells her of Sodo’s plans to expose “The New truth” with their newborn baby. Meanwhile, Hyeongjun is kidnapped by Arrowhead organized by “The New Truth.”

“The New Truth”/Arrowhead wants Hyeongjun to hand over his data, so they know where he has been. They then incinerate him. And then, they find Min Hyejin, and she has to run away. She manages to fight as many men off her as possible as she continues to run. The following day, Min Hyejin tells Youngjae to make a decision. Meanwhile, Youngjae’s wife is taking her baby to “The New Truth.”

As we reach the finale, we are in for a box office event as lies versus the truth head towards each other.

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