Hellbound season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending/finale explained

November 19, 2021
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An action-packed finale does not disappoint, leaving the viewers with a conclusion but also an all-encompassing twist for what’s to come if the story continues to evolve.

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An action-packed finale does not disappoint, leaving the viewers with a conclusion but also an all-encompassing twist for what’s to come if the story continues to evolve.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1, episode 6 – the ending/finale explained contains spoilers.

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Since the plot has introduced a newborn baby as a sinner, I’ve wondered if the K-Drama series will go ahead and kill an innocent child. In the finale, we get to find out, but it also ends with a twist.

Hellbound season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending and finale explained

To open the finale, Min Hyejin rings Youngjae and tells him that Arrowhead and “The New Truth” are working together. Yongjae tries to ring his wife, but she doesn’t answer. She messages him revealing she’s taken her baby to “The New Truth” to find out why their baby received the decree. Song Sohyun meets Deacon Yuji and shows the footage. Deacon Yuji tells his colleagues to make sure Song Sohyun does not leave her room. Kim Jeongchil wants to separate the mother and baby immediately. Youngjae messages his wife and tells her to get out of there immediately as he heads over with Min Hyejin.

To help Min Hyejin and co infiltrate the building, they get a man to pretend he will be having a demonstration in ten minutes. They find Song Sohyun; Min Hyejin fights the men handling the mother and the baby. They all manage to get into a car and escape with Song Sohyun and the baby. Kim Jeongchil punishes Deacon Yuji for losing the mother and the baby, knowing that their secret is at risk — the baby’s demonstration will be the next day.

Min Hyejin, Youngjae, and Song Sohyun find refuge with a man called Mr. Lee, who has also received a decree. Min Hyejin wants to continue with plans by broadcasting the baby’s demonstration. She argues that God would not kill an innocent newborn baby. “The New Truth” fret and plan what to do next after learning of Min Hyejin’s plans. Min Hyejin is also arranging asylum for when all this is over for the parents. She tells Song Sohyun that she does not need to be there for the demonstration.

However, Mr. Lee rings “The New Truth” and tells them that the parents and Min Hyejin is with him. He also states that he got his decree 3 years ago and is hellbound today, but he hasn’t done anything to sin, so he’s confused. His demonstration is five minutes after the baby’s time is up. Kim Jeongchil tells the man that it is a message and calls Mr. Lee a Messiah. Mr. Lee doesn’t want them to steal his thunder, so leaves a clue as to where he is (his phone).

Mr. Lee has lost his mind and he threatens to kill Youngjae before killing his wife. Youngjae manages to taser him and then alerts Min Hyejin and others. Song Sohyun escapes in the freezing cold and talks to the people outside; she reveals her innocent newborn baby is subject to the demonstration. The moment is shared on social media. Song Sohyun puts her baby down and sobs, knowing that this is the end. Meanwhile, Min Hyejin fights Mr. Lee and manages to knock him unconscious.

The ending

The monsters arrive for the baby, and Song Sohyun grabs her child to try and evade them — the public watches the events unfold. Youngjae arrives and tries to help her, but he’s thrown to the ground by one of the monsters. It’s absolute chaos. Youngjae holds his wife and the baby tight as the monsters surround them. They perform the ritual and leave. The parents die, but, in a twist, the baby’s cries can be heard. Their child is still alive — it was a sacrifice. Mr. Lee removes the corpses and sees the baby, and he’s confused. He tries to kill the baby, but Min Hyejin reaches him in time.

And then, the monsters arrive to kill Mr. Lee. The chaos is over at last.

Min Hyejin carries the baby through the crowd, and they leave her alone. “The New Truth” arrives, but the people block them. A man calls them crooks and liars. Deacon Yuji beats the man up for defying God’s will. A police officer arrests him. Min Hyejin gets away in a car, and she holds the baby tightly.

As the episode ends, a corpse that died at the hands of the monsters suddenly comes back to life – I believe it was Park Jungja. The finale of Hellbound leaves viewers with a question — why would the corpses regenerate and bring people back? What are these monsters doing, and what are they a part of? We’ll have to wait for a potential season 2.

What did you think of the K-Drama series Hellbound season 1, episode 6 (finale), and the ending? Comment below. 

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