Hellbound season 1, episode 3 recap – finding free will

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 19, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1, episode 3


The story has become severe and intense very quickly.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers.

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Take a breath, seriously. Hellbound is non-stop, with plenty of twists and turns to keep the viewers binging. The series keeps the drama suspenseful, with plenty of revelations on the way.

Hellbound season 1, episode 3 recap

Episode 3 begins by replaying the live broadcast of Park Junja going to Hell. The countdown for Damnation plays. People around the country are watching it on their televisions. Suddenly, there’s a rumbling in the distance, and a monster grabs Park Jungja. Kyunghun tries to open fire on the beast, but it’s useless as it swats him away. The three monsters beat Park Junja up and then perform their ritual in unison, bringing her to ashes before disappearing.

There’s shock emanating around the country at the violence they saw. Crowds outside of Park Jungja’s house bow down to pray to God. The pace hasn’t lessened in Hellbound, only sped up.

Following on from the shocking events, Jung Jinsu secures an exclusive interview. He reiterates God’s will. During the interview, Kyunghun sees footage of Kim Changsik (the man who murdered his wife) getting dragged. The person carrying the man is wearing the same clothes that Kyunghun can see in the interview in his wardrobe in the background.

With recent events exposing them and Arrowhead spurring his followers on, Min Hyejin wants to leave the city. But before she does, she opens the package she got sent from Pastor Kim Jeongchil — there’s a document inside regarding the “Future Church” published in 2004. Jung Jinsu received the prophecy 20 years ago. Something suddenly dawns on Min Hyejin. Meanwhile, Kyunghun is heckled by crowds who recognize him from the news feed of Park Jungja’s Damnation. He heads to Jung Jinsu’s place and demands to see him before making a forced entry and finding his clothes.

When Min Hyejin heads to her law office, it has been trashed, and her colleagues have all been attacked. It’s a ghost town. Min Hyejin is found by the followers, and she and her mother are beaten by baseball bats. Her mother is in a bad way, and she has to take her to the hospital. She dies.

The story has become severe and intense very quickly.

When Kyunghun makes it outside, he’s beaten by the public, but then Jung Jinsu calls him. He asks him to hold his phone up to the people and asks them to leave him alone so he can come to him. Jung Jinsu tells Kyunghun that he must travel to the address given if he wants to see his daughter. Kyunghan finds Jung Jinsu, who explains that he found the prophecy 20 years ago; a flashback shows a younger Jung Jinsu being approached by what he thought was an angel that told him he’d die in 20 years, so since then, he eagerly found other similar cases in hope to find one exception.

The ending

Mye Hyejin finds the location of the Future Church and meets Pastor Kim Jeongchil. The Pastor plays an interview from Jung Jinsu — in the recording, the Chairman admits that he isn’t sure the monsters are from God but admits they are fearsome. The Pastor is telling the same story to Mye Hyejin that Jung Jinsu told Kyunghun. And then, the Pastor deletes the audio file because Jung Jinsu has promised that he will be the new Chairman, and he has to kill her as well.

When Mye Hyejin tries to leave the Pastor’s location, she’s beaten relentlessly by the followers.

Jung Jinsu tells Kyunghun that his prophecy will be fulfilled in ten minutes; he’s concerned because he’s never done anything wrong and wonders why God would do a strange thing. He admits he got Kyunghun’s daughter involved and told people that the prophecy only follows undeniable evil. Jung Jinsu wants Kyunghun to have free will as he leaves the world, and that living in fear has been relentless. He believes fear will set people free from sin.

Jung Jinsu gives Kyunghun two options; to let him die at the hands of the monsters, record it, and then arrest his daughter for murdering their enemy, which will restore order in the world, or keep his mouth shut about his death and enjoy the world he created for him and Heejung. Suddenly, the monsters arrive, and Jung Jinsu tells Kyunghun to hide his corpse. Jung Jinsu is beaten brutally, and the ritual is completed.

Kyunghun returns home wholly empty and sobbing; his daughter hugs him for comfort. The scene then flits to Mye Hyejin laying on a pile of rubble.

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