Hellbound season 1, episode 2 recap – a live broadcast to Hell

November 19, 2021
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This is an enticing fantasy K-Drama series that does not show any sign of losing pace.

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This is an enticing fantasy K-Drama series that does not show any sign of losing pace.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1, episode 2 contains spoilers.

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Somehow, Hellbound has managed to mix being bound to Hell with murder investigations, the toxic media, and the legal system, and we are all here for it. This is an enticing fantasy K-Drama series that does not show any sign of losing pace.

Hellbound season 1, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens up with Park Jungja explaining that she’s bound to Hell and “The New Truth” wants to live broadcast it. She asks lawyer Min Hyejin for help, and that Jung Jinsu has offered to pay her for the broadcast. She wants the money for her children. Min Hyejin tries to calm her down and not rush to make the deal. Lawyer Min Hyejin is uncomfortable with this case, but her colleague thinks it will be better if Park Jungja receives the money.

Episode 2 shows the life of Min Hyejin as she returns home to her dying mother, who is smoking a cigarette. Min Hyejin explains to her mother that many strange things are happening recently and explains the Hell theories. The mother explains that everyone dies at some point.

Min Hyejin alerts Kyunghun about the situation with Park Jungja. The following day, Kyunghun meets Jung Jinsu. The Chairman of “The New Truth” laughs that detectives are looking into God’s decree. Min Hyejin arrives, and she’s in a bullish mood. Jung Jinsu tells Park Jungja and the lawyer that he will agree to any conditions as long as they can record it. He notes that he cannot see any photos of the father in photos. Park Jungja explains that she’s a single mother, but the Chairman is curious how she has two children but no fathers. Jung Jinsu seems to have figured out why Park Jungja is going to Hell.

Park Jungja is not irked by his growing theory; she only wants to ensure her children have a secure future.

Kyunghun’s daughter Heejung continues to spend time with Jung Jinsu — she reveals to him that she blames herself for her mother’s death because she left her alone on the day the murderer came. Jung Jinsu reassures Heejung that she’s not to blame for her mother’s death. Late in the night, Jung Jinsu shows her the man who killed her mother. The man is walking the streets. Heejung tasers the murderer.

Jung Jinsu and Heejung have captured the murderer that killed Heejung’s mother. Jung Jinsu puts him unconscious, and then Heejung pushes the man into an incinerator. Heejung cries but smiles at the same time—justice for mother.

Min Hyejin alerts Kyunghun about a live stream from “The New Truth” regarding Park Jungja — her identity has been leaked. Arrowhead is speculating that she has two children from two different fathers and killed them for insurance money. Min Hyejin picks up Park Jungja and her children as Arrowhead’s stream gets more aggressive; they need to make sure she is safe from Arrowhead’s followers.

Min Hyejin takes the children to the airport so they can go to a safe destination. On the plane, the son gets anxious and thinks his sister had gone missing when she went to the toilet. He finds her but then bursts into tears, knowing they will not see their mother again.

The ending

At the police station, Kyunghun learns the man that murdered his wife (Kim Changsik) has been burned to death. He’s in shock at what he sees reported on the news. He’s told not to meddle in the case. Kyunghun keeps trying to contact his daughter, but he cannot get through.

Arrowhead rallies his followers and asks Park Jungja to confess her sins. Protestors reach outside her house and demand she comes clean. Park Jungja wants to stay in her home because she’s comfortable there, and she gets to look at the memories of her children. Arrowhead’s followers infiltrate the police station and attack the officers. The situation is getting out of control. Outside Park Jungja’s house, news stations park outside for the live broadcast, and the crowd gets bigger — she’s going to Hell, and people want to see it.

The police and SWAT team set up. Park Junja takes a seat, anticipating the event. She is shaking and sobbing. There’s a countdown which increases the tension. Once the countdown finishes, rumbling can be heard in the distance. The monsters are coming.

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