Nikki Proves To Be The Best Mother In The World In ‘Trying’ Season 4, Episode 6

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 19, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Image of Nikki and Jason in Trying Season 4, Episode 6 - Airport Run - as part of recap
Nikki (L) and Jason (R) are facing their biggest challenge as parents in Trying Season 4, Episode 6 - "Airport Run" (Credit - Apple TV)+




Episode 6 of Season 4 is pivotal as it proves the character development of Nikki and Jason, who embark on their greatest parenting challenge yet.

Sometimes, when you ignore a problem, it grows into something bigger, and that’s precisely what happens in Trying Season 4, Episode 6, which ends with an airport run.

You must feel sorry for our couple, Nikki and Jason, who spent so long wanting a family but had zero idea of the challenges ahead. They could not have foreseen Princess committing fraudulent activity: when she rings the florist, Lilac and Thorne, pretending to be her birth mother to get her actual address, I immediately wonder what other issues she will bring in the future. Probably plenty.

However, the fact that she learned that her mother, Kat Reid, lives in Mallorca only worsened the issue. It made her desperate. Nikki and Jason realized that leaving the problem only made Princess act in great need of knowing the truth about her mother. So when she stole her parent’s debit card to book a flight to Mallorca, I was not surprised. 

Princess steals her parents’ debit card in Trying Season 4, Episode 6, “Airport Run,” so she can go to Mallorca to see her birth mom (Credit – Apple TV+)

It just so happened that when Princess participated in this journey to the airport, Nikki and Jason ironically attended a Q&A for aspiring adoptive parents. Nikki pretends their experience has been a breeze, only because she’s competing with parents Ben and Denise, whom she despises. Eventually, Nikki learns of Princess’s plans when the airline transaction comes up as a notification on her phone, and the real weight of what’s happening to her family suddenly becomes apparent. 

But what I’ve always loved about Jason and Nikki is that they represent the good in us. Despite their shortfalls, they are a wonderful couple and hardworking parents. They’ve always taught the audience to understand before acting, a valuable lesson since the first season. And they do so with love and compassion.

So, when Nikki realizes at the airport that Princess has a two-sided piece of paper with questions for Kat Reid, her motherly instincts kick in. She decides to go to Mallorca alone to get those answers for her daughter (fortunately, Princess has zero idea how to navigate an airport, so she utterly fails to make her flight).

How can you not love Nikki and her bravery in helping her daughter’s need for answers? She knew the problem would not end if they ignored it, and Princess would not be safe doing it alone. Most parents would be reactive and angry and act in a way that allows their children not to trust them more. Nikki and Jason exemplify true parenting, the kind of adults you can trust. 

Trying Season 4, Episode 6 only strengthens the reasons Nikki and Jason became parents in the first place, and they thoroughly deserve it. 

Of course, a subplot in the sixth episode is not as impactful as we’d like it to be: Scott continues to train for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, but the doubt has suddenly kicked in. However, seeing that he has inspired his daughter and her school, who have also set up a fundraiser for him, means that backing out may not be an option. 

Maybe you should have just stayed boring and irrelevant, Scott.


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