Dollface Recap: Ex’s New Girl

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 15, 2019 (Last updated: November 9, 2023)
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Dollface Season 1, Episode 6 - History Buff


Dollface Season 1, Episode 6, “History Buff” throws the audience an important question — what do you do when faced with seeing your ex with a new partner?

This recap of Hulu series Dollface Season 1, Episode 6, “History Buff” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 6 sees Los Angeles experience mini-quakes, and there is a fear that a “Big One” is coming to hit the city. The girls are panicking about the potential major earthquake and they are battening down the hatches by gathering supplies. But Madison (Brenda Song), controlling as always, questions her friends’ choice of supplies. Stella also realizes that Madison takes her control too far, manipulating life events to “protect them”.

As for Jules, her fear of the “Big One” is running into her ex with a new girl. As always, we are introduced to the cat lady but this time in a news studio where they discuss the likelihood of bumping into your ex and being unprepared. Jules believes it is unlikely, and also, SantaCon is around the corner — what is the worst that can happen?

While the girls prepare for SantaCon, Jules heads to a museum and ends up seeing her ex with a strikingly attractive young woman and her worst fears come crashing down on her. At the same time, Stella introduces her new date to Madison and Izzy, but Stella believes he may be a killer and starts trying to control the situation, which is irritating Stella. Madison calls Jules wondering where she is and another mini-quake hits, shutting down the museum and leaving Jules trapped with her ex and his new girlfriend.

Jules does everything in her power to avoid Jeremy but eventually, they cross paths when she changes out of her Santa outfit into something more appealing, but then she is arrested for looting the museum. On the way to the museum, Stella’s date gets more and more suspect, but Stella does not want to give into Madison. Eventually, Stella’s date starts showing his true colors and they kick him off the Santa carriage.

As the girls arrive in the museum, Jeremy speaks to the arrested Jules and claims he visited a museum today because he felt selfish when he refused to go visit these places when they were together. Madison demands that the security guard lets her free.

Dollface Season 1, Episode 6, “History Buff” teaches us to always be prepared to bump into your ex.

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