Dollface Recap: Rebound

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 15, 2019 (Last updated: November 9, 2023)
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Hulu Series Dollface Season 1, Episode 7 - F*** Buddy


Dollface Season 1, Episode 7, “F*** Buddy” deals with Jules handling non-monogamous relationships, while Madison and Stella figure out what their relationships are.

This recap of Hulu series Dollface Season 1, Episode 7, “F*** Buddy” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

With Jeremy now with an Instagram model, Jules (Kat Dennings) finds herself on social media looking at all her photos, going back 342 weeks. By accident, Jules drunkenly likes one of the photos, and then unlikes it, then likes it, then unlikes it again. It’s an absolute nightmare situation. Her friends recommend the following; do not find a boyfriend-material guy, sleep with a hot guy who she wouldn’t want to commit to.

Stella also has guy-problems. It’s only just dawned on her that the guy she is house-sharing with will see their dynamic as a relationship; they have sex, look after the house together, pay bills 50/50 — Stella wonders how many times she has cheated on her boyfriend, who she didn’t know was a boyfriend.

As for Madison; she is completely besotted by Colin but she is struggling to define her relationship. Throughout Episode 7 Madison keeps trying to make Colin jealous but to no avail, which is she finds even more frustrating.

Back to Jules — she manages to find a man she would like to have sex with and without the commitment. Her sleep schedule is all over the place due to the number of “you up?” texts. She is accused of liking this man eventually and is told to mix it up and sleep with other men. Jules decides to spend the night with Wes — they snuggle on the couch and watch films; Madison insists she has broken the rules.

Dollface Season 1, Episode 7, “F*** Buddy” finds a resolution for Stella — after recruiting Izzy to help her communicate the break-up, her “boyfriend” also believes they are not in a relationship. The next day, all three girls go to a lame-looking party with men that have not got over college and drinking. Madison rings Colin and makes out she is having the greatest time, but he understands the hint and picks her up. Colin tells Madison that he loves her and it turns out their feelings are reciprocal. As for Jules, she sees Veterinarian Wes at the party; he tries to kiss her but she pulls away, stating that if they kiss it will lead to something more, and she is not ready for that now.

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