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By Daniel Hart
Published: November 17, 2019
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Netflix series The Crown Season 3, Episode 6 - Tywysog Cymru


The Crown Season 3, Episode 6, “Tywysog Cymru” explores a young Prince Charles’s relationship with Wales at a time where political tensions were high with England.

This recap of Netflix series The Crown Season 3, Episode 6, “Tywysog Cymru” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 6 centres around Prince Charles played brilliantly by Josh O’Connor. “Tywysog Cymru” opens up with Charles preparing for a dress rehearsal at a theatre, practising his vocals.

But around the corner is the Investiture in Wales, and the government discuss with Welsh delegates what they require at the ceremony. Prime Minister Harold Wilson meets The Queen and asks if Prince Charles can visit Wales prior to the Investiture and learn about the country. He warns The Queen about the separatists and nationalists brewing in politics.

Following on from the meeting, Elizabeth demands that Charles drops Cambridge and settles in Wales to learn about the country and the language. Charles wonders why his mother is harsher to him than his sister Anne.

Meanwhile, in Wales, Edward Millward is leading an independence surge. He is asked if could tutor Prince Charles and teach him Welsh. As the Vice President of Plaid Cymru, he initially refuses to do it as it goes against everything he stands for, but then he accepts, much to the concern of his wife Silvia.

Prince Charles arrives in a hostile Wales in Episode 6. He seems irked by the reception. He meets Edward and their first conversation is about Britain and Wales, and their differences. It’s clear that Edward believes the rest of Britain does not respect Wales. Anyway, Charles starts learning welsh, but he quickly misses Cambridge and confides in Anne on his homesickness. Charles also accidentally offends the University board members when he states he has not visited their famous library yet.

The next day, Edward teaches Prince Charles more Welsh dialect but gives him a dressing down about Wales and the lack of respect shown to the country and by the previous Princes of Wales. Charles, feeling the emotions of his tutor, heads straight to the library to learn their history.

When he reports back to Edward, he seems a little happier that Prince Charles has tried, and when he learns how lonely the Prince is, he invites him to his home, despite the fact that his wife Silvia is displeased with the invitation. At the dinner table, Edward talks about being governed by people who don’t listen or take in their interests, and surprisingly Prince Charles sympathises, claiming he can relate. Edward and Silvia suddenly feel sorry for him.

Episode 6 then moves to the 1st July 1969, the day of the Investiture in Wales. Prince Charles is met with cheers, but some boos, and you can feel the nerves draining his posture. Charles partakes in the ceremony with The Queen and gives his speech in Welsh. Halfway through the speech, he decides to change the script without The Queen’s knowledge and states that Wales has its own identity, history and personality and that it should be respected — “No-one likes to be ignored”. The crowd listen on tenterhooks, and they look relieved that they are finally recognised.

After the speech, Prince Charles tells Edward he is going to tour Wales. Edward is pleased with the Prince’s commitment to taking Wales seriously. Prince Charles cheekily makes it known that the Royal Family wouldn’t have understood a word of his speech.

As the episode draws nearer to the end, Prince Charles requests to see The Queen. He asks her why he hasn’t received a thank you for his efforts and he soon learns that she knows about the change in the speech — “No-one likes to be ignored”. Charles asks if he has a voice and in return, Elizabeth lectures him about the importance of impartiality from the Crown. When Charles declares he has a voice, she cruelly replies, “No-one wants to hear it”. Episode 6 gives us a flavour of their tricky relationship.

The Crown Season 3, Episode 6, “Tywysog Cymru” ends with Prince Charles taking part in his theatre play. His character starts a monologue which matches the feelings of Prince Charles in this episode. His sister is moved by his words.

Her Majesty’s Archives (HMA)

  • Edward was happy with Prince Charles’ progress with the language but did not attend the Investiture.
  • Prince Charles tries to socialise in the dorms in Wales, but he is instantly rejected.

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