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By Daniel Hart
Published: November 22, 2019 (Last updated: November 30, 2023)
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Amazon Series The Feed Season 1, Episode 5


The Feed Season 1, Episode 5 proves that the story gets stronger with each chapter, as more secrets are revealed within the Hatfield family.

This recap of Amazon Series The Feed Season 1, Episode 5 contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s pleasing that The Feed gets stronger with each chapter. There’s genuine thought behind the writing.

Episode 5 opens up with Kate (Nina Toussaint-White) starting her operation to remove the feed. As they remove parts of the technology, the doctor asks her simple questions to see if there is any potential brain damage. While Kate has her operation, Tom links up with Sarah’s brain. He sees a different memory, not hers, and immediately asks his father Lawrence to stop the experiment.

Tom rushes to Kate’s appointment, which seems to be going well until she starts forgetting her daughter’s name. Tom stops the surgery — unfortunately, Kate cannot have her feed removed. Meanwhile, danger lurks at The Feed company building — a cleaner has been hacked and he is on a mission.

A pivotal moment arrives in Episode 5; Kate and Tom ask the doctor to find a way to remove their baby’s feed. Surprisingly, the baby does not have one but still has the technology. Tom arranges a family dinner instantly. It’s about to kick off.

The family dinner arrives which provides the best moment so far in The Feed. When Tom finally snaps and asks why their baby Bea has the technology but hardware cannot be found, Lawrence states that Tom gave his daughter the feed — she inherited it. Lawrence reveals he did gene enhancement on Tom, meaning he passed it on to his daughter. The Feed is embedded in their daughter’s genetics.

Lawrence tries to justify his actions and speaks to Kate alone. He shows her what he saw — the creation of life and the compassion he felt. Tom speaks to his father and asks him how it works. Lawrence goes on to describe human progress and finding ways to improve, to prevent chaos and apply the technology in genetics. Meanwhile, Evelyn is attacked by the mystery man (the cleaner) while Max is in bed.

Tom takes matters into his own hands; he reports his father to the board and says he cannot be responsible anymore for The Feed — “he’s too narcissistic”. To push his father’s removal from the company, he broadcasts his father’s vision to embed The Feed in genetics. The video reveals how the gene is already being passed down to children — the technology is embedded out there in the world.

The Feed Season 1, Episode 5 closes with Lawrence losing his position on the board. An angry Lawrence confronts Tom and when they get on the subject of children, Lawrence says, “your mother has children, I have a child”.

More twists are afoot.

The Feed Version Notes

  • Ben is stuck with his fantasy. Gill tries talking to him.
  • Meredith tells Ben of illegal apps that are part of The Feed’s breach. He is now panicking.
  • Danny friends expose his resister acquaintance Jona. He goes looking for him.
  • Max proposes to Evelyn in bed.
  • Gill reports back to Lawrence to confirm Max is okay.

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