V-Wars Recap: You Never Really Know Someone

December 5, 2019
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Some tonal imbalance and dopey storytelling leave “Bad As Me” feeling a bit flat and meandering, even if its improved by its ending.

This recap of V-Wars Season 1, Episode 4, “Bad As Me”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Thanks to Luther (Ian Somerhalder), Mike (Adrian Holmes) was able to escape the authorities, and as V-Wars Episode 4 opens, Claire (Kandyse McClure) is fuming about it. But Luther is persistent – he wants to be allowed to continue tracking Mike down within the ticking-clock time limit of 24 hours, with the ever-spreading virus a persistent background threat.

“Bad As Me” also throws in plenty of plot turns regarding Biker Bobby (Greg Bryk), a vampire hunter, and Jimmy (Michael Greyeyes), an undercover Fed, both of which are revelations that upend what we knew of these characters thus far.

Kaylee (Jacky Lai), however, continues to feel slightly surplus to the show’s requirements. She’s brought into the DNS and given a strict gag order, with her and Jergen (Teddy Moynihan) both told quite clearly that they’ll be killed if she doesn’t follow instructions. Will she? Of course, she won’t, although the DNS seems willing to take her at her word for now.

The vampire ranks increase in V-Wars Episode 4. Dani (Kimberly-Sue Murray) is one, as is her ex as of “Bad As Me”, and possibly her missing sister Mila (Laura Vandervoort). Fields (Emmanuel Kabongo) is a vampire too, but his attempts at being a cool one are kind of embarrassing and result in him immediately being gunned down.

Of particular note is Luther meeting with Michael at a cabin in the woods, where they discuss various things, such as how great it feels to be a vampire, and whether or not Michael, Patient Zero, can be used to find a cure for the virus. But it’s hard to talk in peace when there’s a sniper overseeing matters, and it all predictably kicks off. Luckily the sniper is dealt with by the Bloods, a gang of vampires who immediately and very conveniently pledge themselves to Mike since they’re so desperately in need of a leader.

But who sent the shooter? That’s a mystery that remains unsolved in V-Wars Season 1, Episode 4, as an explosive ending detonates the DNS facility and leaves the fate of Calix (Peter Outerbridge) unknown.

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