Three Days of Christmas Recap: The Past Remains The Present

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 6, 2019 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas Season 1, Episode 2


Three Days of Christmas Season 1, Episode 2 begins years later, with the family tied by their secrets as lies begin to catch up to them.

This recap of Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas Season 1, Episode 2 contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 2 starts with the narrator stating they waited months for Valentina’s father and that Valentina became part of the family as four sisters. They were all convinced that the past was buried.

Episode 2 begins years later. Esther (Elena Anaya) and her daughter Lorena arrive at Mateo’s house, and Juan greets them both with open arms. Juan tells Esther that her mother Isabel is dying, and Lorena does not take it well. We are introduced to an older Adela, who is pregnant, and already has three children with a man named Antonio. Adela’s son tells Esther that Antonio is at the lake as it’s the same day Grandpa Manuel died while chasing “bad guys” — Antonio must be the son of the chief.

Upstairs in the house, Valentina helps her mother in bed. Juan kisses Valentina and insists they must leave and start a family of their own. A lot seems to have changed.

When Valentina comes downstairs, the three sisters excitedly gather and Esther reveals she’s had a boob job. Valentina dampens the mood and wants to organize the impending death of their mother, but Esther resists the conversation. Maria finally arrives and Adela wonders where her French boyfriend is.

As Christmas Day progresses and the sisters joyfully play the piano, Isabel walks downstairs and asks if she could be alone with her four daughters. She tells them she is dying, but she has a secret to tell.

Her secret is a shock to the sisters; Isabel tells the story of when they were young and she met someone, and every time she met this stranger hours would pass quickly. Isabel kept making excuses to meet him again and again and she was living two separate lives. At one point, Isabel was going to leave the family but she saw her daughters and her husband while the rain poured and changed her mind. She asks her daughters if she could bring that man to her and then she collapses.

The sisters argue about what to do next, with Maria insisting it is a dying wish of their mother. But Adela is adamant they should not ruin Christmas day and that her mother was always honorable. Maria talks about true love and accuses Adela of being with Antonio because she feels guilty for killing his father. As Maria demands that she is going to get Isabel’s lover, their father walks in — it’s very possible he heard.

Mateo asks Esther what their mother said and she half tells the truth, explaining that her mother described her happy life. This forces Esther to go upstairs and tell Juan to leave Valentina. Esther does not want the same regrets as her mother. As they argue, Esther slaps Juan and then kisses him and then reveals that Lorena is her daughter. Valentina heard everything outside of the room.

More drama arrives in Episode 2. Adela locks herself in the shed with the envelope with Isabel’s lover’s address on it. Maria threatens to tell Antonio but then a woman named Sophie turns up, claiming to be Maria’s boyfriend’s cousin. Maria suddenly looks nervous. Juan tells Valentina that Isabel has worsened.

This family has many secrets.

Valentina approaches her father and tells him to go see Isabel before she dies. Mateo keeps saying “she wants me to go, she wants me to go” and then looks Valentina dead in the eyes and states, “We should have told you” before leaving the house. It seems Mateo knew about Isabel’s lover, and the man is somehow linked to Valentina. At the dinner table, all the sisters look in deep thought.

Valentina speaks to her dying mother and it is revealed that her lover is Valentina’s father. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Maria tells Sophie that the family cannot know about their relationship. Antonio enters the bathroom and tries making a move on Sophie, but Maria attacks him. Antonio tells the entire family that they are lesbians before leaving the house.

It seems everyone wants to leave — Valentina packs up her bags and leaves the house too. Juan tries to stop her and then Isabel’s lover turns up with Mateo. The man apologizes to Valentina and explains he spent many years in prison. Valentina freaks out and runs into the distance.

Three Days of Christmas Season 1, Episode 2 ends with the narrator explaining that Valentina disappeared and she never returned, but the family never gave up on the hope that she would return as they focus on a new future.

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