Three Days of Christmas Recap: Family Reunion

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 6, 2019 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas Season 1, Episode 3


Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas Season 1, Episode 3 provides many emotional moments but in the spirit of Christmas, there’s a happy ending somewhere.

This recap of Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas Season 1, Episode 3 contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 3 opens up with an older Valentina receiving a call from the hospital. Esther (Charo López) tried taking her life. When she arrives and sees Esther for the first time in many years, Esther asks Valentina to help her leave the hospital without Lorena and her sisters knowing.

Once again, it’s Chrismas Day. Maria speaks to a very old Mateo and they can’t find Adela. It’s evident that Mateo does not speak anymore. The scene quickly cuts to Adela confessing to a senile Antonio that her family left his father to die. A panicked Adela abandons Antonio at the bus stop.

Esther confesses to Valentina that she hasn’t seen her daughter for four years. Valentina drives her away from the hospital and Esther insists that she drops her off at the family house.

And Christmas begins; the children arrive and Adela is doing her utmost best to host it. Sophie asks Maria about her secret before it gets complicated.

Maria starts to make an announcement to the family but in the corner of her eye, she sees Esther. All the sisters embrace Valentina and then the younger side of the family greet her. Maria makes an announcement again — she declares that Sophie is her girlfriend and that she wishes to marry her. Unfortunately, Sophie walks off. Maria talks to her privately and Sophie reveals she knows that Maria is ill. Maria states that she will not be taking the treatment and wants to enjoy the days she has left. Sophie coldly calls Maria selfish.

In the shed outside, Antonio shows up and starts attacking Adela for killing his father. Esther calms Antonio down by offering him a cigarette — he returns to his senile state. Adela admits that Antonio has beaten her many times before.

Valentina and Maria head to the shed to see Antonio is tied up. Valentina tries leaving her; Esther says Adela has every right to tie him up, which turns into a heated argument. Valentina appears tired of this family and the secrets they hold. Esther then lands a blow to Valentina — she reveals that Valentina’s father was invited to Christmas every year, in hope that she would turn up after disappearing. Mateo, her other father, hasn’t uttered a single word since her real father died.

Back in the house, Adela sees Valentina in the kitchen and asks her to not tell anyone in the family about their secret. But it soon gets complicated; the family notices that Antonio is missing and Valentina insists that she must tell the family. Meanwhile, Esther tells Maria that she tried killing herself — Maria calls her a coward for not facing her truths and especially for not apologizing to Lorena by not revealing who her real father was.

Adela smartly diverts her family to head to the lake and states that Antonio is over there. When the house emptied, they plant a very drunk Antonio next to Mateo near the fire. Esther checks his pulse as he sleeps and tells the sisters that he is dead. When their family returns, Adela tells everyone that he’s fast asleep. The family buys it.

Happier moments do finally arrive in the final episode; Sophie turns up and apologizes to Maria and dedicates the rest of her life to her by accepting the engagement. The family applauds, but then surprisingly, Antonio wakes up — he was not dead. He starts shouting at Adela, calling her a b—h for leaving him at the bus stop. Mateo speaks for the first time in years by shouting, “Enough!”.

With Adela in hot water, Esther and Valentina try claiming that they left Antonio at the bus stop. Valentina then gets up and tries to leave, but Adela begs her sister to stay. She confesses she wanted to create a perfect world because they all love each other — she thanks her father Mateo. Adela then admits to her family that they left Antonio’s father to die in the cold lake but also requests a divorce. In response, Antonio blurts, “Turkey, I want turkey”.

Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas Season 1, Episode 3 ends with Lorena showing up and Esther finally getting the chance to see her granddaughter. Mateo looks outside the window and imagines his old life, with his young daughters playing outside on Christmas day.

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