Three Days of Christmas Season 1 Review: Families Can Be Complicated

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 6, 2019 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas Season 1


Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas is a sombre, compelling Christmas story that tells the story of a dark secret between four sisters.

This review of Netflix Series Three Days of Christmas Season 1 contains no spoilers.

In the lead up to Christmas, Netflix provides audiences with a sombre seasonal story to make us appreciate the holidays. Three Days of Christmas is a 3-part limited series that is deeper than the title suggests. It plays on the importance of family but on the other hand, relies on the notion that even the closest of families hold the deepest of secrets that span years.

Each episode is based on a singular Christmas day, following four sisters at different times in their lives. From the outset, Episode 1 reveals a family secret that could have incredible ramifications. There is a real sense of unity amongst the leading female characters; a real sense that family exists above any other connection and that is the main strength of the Netflix series. The change of actress feels consistent between the different time periods, the chemistry withstands the different cast members.

Netflix’s Three Days of Christmas has the dark secret that connects them, but its energy around the traditions of Christmas day drives the story each time. From experience, when I was growing up as a child at Christmas, my family always wanted the day to follow the same structure. There was always a certain time to have the main dinner or open the presents or see extended members of the family. As you grow older, and Christmas becomes more modern than traditional in some families, Three Days of Christmas reminds audiences of the importance of holiday-togetherness.

On the flipside, Three Days of Christmas can feel often depressing. There are themes regarding childhood and “true loves” that give an emotional edge to the story. Each episode serves a different purpose and more importantly, an increased level of maturity between the sisters as the story progresses. The Spanish series holds the audience at arm’s length, not allowing for Christmas to be a completely happy event, but a window into a dysfunctional family that is crippled by their own secres.

With the season upon us, Three Days of Christmas feels like the alternative story that we need. A reminder of the importance of family, but also, the drama that can interlink many of its members.

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