Two ending explained – will David and Sara make it out alive?

December 11, 2021
Kira Comerford 1
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Two, so will contain major spoilers.

Two follows a pair of strangers who find themselves surgically attached to one another and stranded in a dingy hotel room. Together, they try to figure out how they got there, as that may be the only way they can get out.

It doesn’t take Sara (Marina Gatell) long to notice that hers and David’s (Pablo Derqui) time trapped in this hotel room is one that has been frequented by patterns, whether that be in the design of the wallpaper, the lights switching on and off, or simply the presence of the number two everywhere they look. When she makes the link between the lights and her and David sharing a kiss, she shares her knowledge and the two decide to use this to their advantage. 

When their captor makes a move to intervene in the activities shared by the couple, they blindside him with an attack, and he is knocked unconscious when he crashes into a bedside table. They make a break for it through an open door but are stopped dead in their tracks by a series of newspaper clippings framed on the walls of the corridor. Reading the excerpts, both David and Sara begin to piece together the reason for why they both find themselves in this troublesome situation — they were conjoined twins, separated at birth to lead separate lives until their biological father (the man they’ve just knocked out cold) tracked them down and decided to bring them back together once more.

Netflix film Two ending explained

Before they can escape, however, they end up facing off with the old man. Sara, who has managed to retrieve the pistol taken from her when she was kidnapped, attempts to shoot him, but the three of them end up wrestling over it. In the hustle and bustle, the trigger is pulled and two shots go off — one hitting the old man and the other striking David in the leg. Bleeding heavily from the wound, it is clear that if he doesn’t receive medical attention David will die, and so as the only one still able to run for help, Sara has to cut herself free from him and escape. 

However, as soon as she steps outside, it becomes apparent that there was never any hope for the two of them. The place where they were being held — an abandoned warehouse — is in the middle of nowhere, and probably high up in the mountains for good measure given the amount of snow on the ground. Still, Sara persists, but before long she collapses in the snow, bleeding from her own wound where the stitches were torn. The final shot of the film is a picture-in-picture effect of both her and David, presumably after they’ve succumbed to both their injuries and the elements, in what one can only assume is a metaphor for how they could only survive together.

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1 thought on “Two ending explained – will David and Sara make it out alive?

  • January 3, 2022 at 5:06 pm

    This was such a ridiculous film – conjoined twins are ALWAYS identical, never fraternal; this is due to one egg being fertilised and two fetuses not fully separating as they develop. So this begged the question were they even related at all? Was their ‘father’ ACTUALLY their father? I’m saying no, to both – but we never found out the truth, so who can really tell? Why did the gun go off twice in the end? Again, we never found out – except that it was a nice plot convenience for killing the two protagonists. I mean, she should’ve really looked to see if the psycho had a phone or his own vehicle, also taken his clothes to keep warm – but instead she runs out into the freezing cold naked and bleeding and, on realising there’s no way to summon help on foot and in her current state – instead of going back to check for said phone or vehicle – she carries ON, buck naked, freezing and bleeding.

    The ending was as pointless as the rest of the movie, because all it showed was two random people being victims of a psychotic killer who was the only one saying they were previously ‘conjoined twins’ and he was their ‘father’….again, I have to reiterate fraternal twins are NEVER going to be conjoined; literally NEVER.

    There’s expecting the viewer to ‘suspend their disbelief’ and expecting the viewer to have the IQ of jello and the attention span of a fruit fly, and this film was definitely in the latter group; to be fair, by the end I didn’t even care anymore I was just glad it was over. Sometimes Netflix makes really good ‘outside the box’ movies/series; but this was most definitely NOT one of them. I guess it was trying to be a bit ‘black mirror’? But whatever it was attempting it failed miserably – whatever the director and scriptwriter was trying to say was such a garbled mess by the end no one would understand it. Still, I’m sure any jello and fruit flies watching thoroughly enjoyed it.

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