Dance 100 Season 1 Review – exciting reality show delivers intense competition

By Jessica Fontaine
Published: March 18, 2023 (Last updated: March 21, 2023)
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Dance 100 delivers a fierce competition featuring resolute choreographers without being too excessive.

We review the Netflix reality competition series Dance 100 Season 1, which does not reveal winners or eliminations. 

Dance 100 is a Netflix original reality show. Released on March 17, 2023, the competition show features eight choreographers who compete to become the best. The contestants choreograph dance routines for the world’s best dancers. After each round, the remaining choreographers must create routines for more and more members of the dance 100.

Dance 100 also features the dancers themselves as the judges of the choreographers.

Dance 100 Season 1 Review

Dance 100 wastes no time getting started. It opens with incredible performances and a suspenseful description of the tough competition from host Ally Love. The contestants are lovable and relatable, and the series humanizes them instead of just regarding them as contestants.

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The series is fun, featuring energetic performances of hit songs like Lizzo’s “Boys” and Doja Cat’s “Woman.” You almost become absorbed into the complexity and magnificence of the routines before snapping back to reality. That is, this is a cutthroat competition show, and these contestants are here to win $100,000.

Throughout Dance 100, the number of dancers increases from just seven to 100 by the season finale. We see the choreographers waver from the pressure of new routines to tackle. These include adding props, taking inspiration from different decades, and exploring narrative dance. There’s added suspense when the two choreographers with the least amount of votes from the Dance 100 must battle it out for the prize.

By the last episode, the intensity reaches its peak when there are two choreographers remaining. The series illustrates the talent and painstaking effort required to choreograph a cohesive routine for 100 dancers.

Is the TV Show Dance 100 Season 1 good?

Dance 100 is a binge-worthy, fast-paced competition show. Throughout its electrifying performances, it also conveys the purpose and beauty of dance: to tell a story. The contestants are dedicated to their craft and endure the toughest stage of their careers to tell their stories.

The show depicts the lengthy process of securing those spectacular performances and how hard the choreographers work to make them happen. Despite all the pressure, the contestants remain humble and inspired by the criticism from the judges. We then see them use the feedback to produce fantastic routines that exceed their previous ones.

Although it’s a high-stakes competition, we see the dancers, choreographers, and audience members become a community that supports one another. Doing so allows the show to convey why the contestants came here in the first place: because they love to dance and they want to share what they do with the world.

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We get to know the contestants and root for them because they are real and likable. As much as they want to be crowned the winner, they let themselves have fun and truly care for their dancers instead of viewing them as steps to get to the top.

Dance 100 is fun, cool, riveting, and authentic. Dancers should flock to see this show, but the same goes for anyone who wants to see an entertaining competition. The series will exhilarate audiences with its jaw-dropping performances, exuberant costumes, and suspense about who will become the best choreographer.

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