The Chosen One Season 2 Review: We’ve Gotta Go Back

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 6, 2019
Netflix - The Chosen One Season 2


Like its predecessor, The Chosen One Season 2 offers more questions than answers, but it remains good to watch with a clearer character direction.

The Brazillian drama thriller returns to Netflix — The Chosen One Season 2 sneaks onto the platform with barely any promotion. Not even a sniff of a trailer after the anticipation of last season.

Last season, I kept on repeatedly telling our audiences that vaccines are important mostly out of irony due to the story, but as the series wore on, it was clear that science was less of a problem. The Brazillian drama heavily relied on religious themes, while on the other hand, palming off science at any given opportunity. Atheism was tested, the doctors arriving in the village doubted their own scientific beliefs and ideologies. Season 1 was armored with a variety of themes that made the audience question the movement of the plot more than Lost.

But they left the village — well, at least two of the doctors did, with Damião Almeida (Pedro Caetano) consumed by the energy that lives within the area. And again, like Lost, The Chosen One Season 2 presents a scenario where “we’ve gotta go back” but instead this time, it’s Enzo Vergani (Gutto Szuster) insisting that Lúcia Santeiro (Paloma Bernardi) returns to the village in order to be “cured”. Ironically, Enzo is the reason Lúcia is ill.

So there’s the excuse for Season 2; Enzo cannot overcome his beliefs and has forced him and his sick acquaintance to return to the cult where miracles are now delivered by The Chosen One, with an added dose of an eager journalist, enthusiastically recording the events that unfold.

Despite my reservations of a Season 2, The Chosen One continues that energy of its predecessor, continually questioning the behavior of the villagers and The Chosen One’s utmost belief that Lúcia is his “Life”. The story continues to go down adventurous, dialogue-filled rabbit holes into the possibilities and the skepticism of what The Chosen One can do. It’s much more of an open story now, with the outside world becoming invasive with the promise of miracles.

But are there answers? The Chosen One Season 2 is as brain-muddling as Season 1, but this time there is more certainty in the character choices. There are still no clear answers, but at least the character direction gives the audience confidence in what they are following. The development of the characters is clear.

The Chosen One Season 2 is worth the continuation, but I would raise my eyebrows at a third. Two is enough, please.

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