IRL: In Real Love Season 1 Review – fun dating show explores online and offline relationships

April 7, 2023
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IRL: In Real Love is a modern twist on typical reality dating shows, emphasizing online romance versus real love.

We review the Netflix dating reality series IRL: In Real Love Season 1, which does not contain spoilers.

IRL: In Real Love is an Indian reality dating series on Netflix. Released on April 6, the series follows four singles who connect with each other online as well as in real life.

The series stars actors Rannvijay Singha and Gauahar Khan as hosts. IRL: In Real Love is Netflix India’s first dating reality show.

IRL: In Real Love Season 1 Review

Four likable young singles go on speed dates, passionate about starting a relationship and falling in love. After going offline, the singles go online. The app Meet Cute lets them chat with other singles and determine who they have the best connection with.

When the foursome and their connections meet at a party, they must decide who they’ll bring on an individual date. The in-person dates and online video chats continue until they must tell certain connections that it’s not working out.

Eventually, people reveal their true colors. When the series culminates, contestants make their final choices. They must decide between their real-life connections, online connections, or walking away.

IRL: In Real Love can be funny and enthusiastic, as well as tearful and heartbreaking. As the singles go through their love journeys, they learn more about themselves and who they want to be with.

Is IRL: In Real Love Season 1 good or bad?

IRL: In Real Love is a great contrast from dating shows that have a predominately white ensemble. While these series, like Love is Blind and Love Island, do feature couples of color, IRL: In Real Love exclusively spotlights Indian people and their quest for love.

It can be difficult to watch a reality show because it’s unclear how much of it is real. However, this show is different from the others because it doesn’t seem scripted.

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The four protagonist singles are likable and don’t put up a front. They are authentic, real people you could be friends with.

We see a wide variety of personalities throughout the episodes. There are people who talk innocently about pets and their matching birthdays. But we also see those who like to talk dirty. So there’s something for everyone.

It’s also refreshing to see people with different experiences coming into the dating game. Some people have never been on a date or been intimate before. Others have done it all.

Is IRL: In Real Love Season 1 worth watching?

IRL: In Real Love is worth watching for the interesting new premise and the challenge to fall in love in a technology-filled world. The contestants are authentic people who you can really root for, which is often hard to find in other reality shows.

At first glance, the series might seem unappealing because there are so many reality dating shows out there. There’s the belief that this one can’t be any different from the rest. However,  IRL: In Real Love is a fresh hit because it tests whether people can actually fall in love through dating apps more than they can in real life.

What did you think of the Netflix dating reality series IRL: In Real Love Season 1? Comment below.

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