Grudge (2021) ending explained – who’s the real killer?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 9, 2021
ending explained article of Netflix film Grudge (2021)

This ending explained article of Netflix film Grudge (2021) contains spoilers. 

Grudge is a Turkish thriller drama that is surprisingly compelling and keeps you on the edge of your seat, especially with the ending! So after having a dinner party for his upcoming promotion, Harun almost gets himself killed on the way home after his taxi driver attacks him. To defend himself, he stabs him with a knife. He tries to get rid of all the evidence but the next morning, the taxi driver is hand by the cane facing the police station.

So, Harun tries hide under the law, but later he unravels a realization that the murder that they’ve been targetting, from the taxi’s driver to the man that put in cane, is all linked to the murder case of the death of 7 policemen years ago. He remembers Gul’s face, the daughter of the man that he falsely arrested that day. Soon after that, Gul comes to the police station and reports herself as the main culprit behind the man that is hung on the crane. Harun is facing a major where he has to take her offer to kill Chief Cevat or his video of stabbing the taxi driver (in self-defense) goes viral on the internet. Either way, he has been doomed anyway since later Chief Cevat dies in an explosion. 

But, that’s where the true secret is revealed. Tuncay turns out to be the real culprit behind Harun’s two biggest cases. Gul reveals his adopted brother before she dies after committing suicide. Tuncay is the real killer behind the death of 7 policemen, he poisoned them with rat poison after seeing how they beat his father and bullied him. He was just a young boy at that time so Harun does not hear his guilt and keeps on arresting his father instead who is proven innocent but dies in jail. All the vengeful plot is to make Harun’s son witness the same thing as him. Witnessing that his father is being taken away from him. As we also get to witness the warmth within Tuncay and Gul’s childhood and the hardship that their late father is facing to support his two adopted children. It’s truly a heartbreaking story indeed.

So yeah, after Harun is unable to shot Tuncay due to his fondness and stoicism torture, Tuncay kills himself after reminiscing Harun’s words to him while arresting his father, “When you grow up, be an honest man.”

Netflix film Grudge (2021) ending explained 

Truthfully, I am not surprised when Tuncay is revealed to be the main killer because I’ve suspected him right from the moment he stands starring at the cane in the beginning. What makes it obvious is how distinct his character is written from the rest of the ensemble. His character is overly pampered. It’s like he’s way too innocent to be true.

Moreover, his action always leads from one event to another. He is always there during the most crucial moment. My biggest suspicion burst when he calls Harun after witnessing him trying to steal the evidence. Suddenly he is the first person to finds out about the footage of their first suspect leading to the suspect’s death when Harun shoots his feet. Tuncay is right behind him. Isn’t it odd how he gives all the evidence back to Harun so he will surrender himself? Second, he is the only one that had access to be close with Harun’s son. Out of all the characters, he is also the one who remains silent almost the entire time but carefully puts the details together.

My suspicion builds up after Gul is revealed to be the daughter of the man that is falsely accused of the murder of the 7 police officers. Harun acknowledges her when she is still young. He asks about her adopted older brother that we don’t know his whereabouts. But at that time, remember when Tuncay follows Gul and purposely loses her tracks? And when he follows her for the second time after Chief Cevat’s car explosion, he is the only one that has that eye contact with Gul. When she goes off from the car before committing suicide, he just let her be despite the order? It’s just odd for a policeman to react while facing his target. And again, each time Tuncay is involved, there’s always someone who dies on the scene.  But there’s also another perspective to see it, Tuncay might be giving Harun chances all along to admit his crime of killing the taxi driver.

But since Harun tries to avoid his guilt and is adamant about trying to find the man that set him up, Tuncay finally uses the opportunity to push Harun on the edge. Maybe, his intention is that he is trying to prove to himself that the man who once asked him, to be an honest man, will truly walk his own words. Yet Harun is torn between his guilt and trying to independently prove his innocence. He is given chance to prove it a couple of times, but he uses his power of abuse and trying to hide from the law. In the end, killing the taxi driver is still wrong anyways. But since Harun chose to surrender himself and let Taucan live, he chooses to kill himself since he has nothing left to lose since he has lost his faith entirely due to the process.

The biggest question lies within the very last scene where Harun is sitting with a young man wearing a uniform. Who is that man? Well, of course, another victim of grudge-fuelled conspiracies. He’s probably associated with the victim. Since the main idea is grudges, it can probably be associated with the taxi driver or the chief investigator, Yargidan, since his death is yet to be disclosed on the final. So be honest, okay?

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