Law School episode 3 recap – [spoiler] is stabbed and needs blood

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 21, 2021
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the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 3


The k-drama series keeps throwing spanners at the audience as episode 3 thickens the story, bringing more questions than answers. It’s an enticing experience so far.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 3 contains spoilers.

There’s something addictive about this drama, despite its usual complexity with law jargon — the characters are enjoyable, and despite the serious tones, there’s a warm feeling to the story. Let’s recap Law School episode 3.

Episode 3 begins in August 2017. Han Joon-hwi is in a bookstore and has a keen eye on the television with the news reporting the trial on prosecutor Seo Byung-ju. Kang Sol A is being a nuisance by fraudulently selling books to him. As she leaves the bookstore, Kang Sol A’s sister Byeol tells Kang Sol A to go to law school because she’s smart. Han Joon-hwi catches up to her and makes her feel ashamed for ripping him off.

Yang Joon-hoon’s hunch

Episod 3 returns to the present, serving as a continuation to episode 2, with Yang Joon-hoon walking through the crime scene and demonstrating his version of events. According to Yang Joon-hoon, Seo Byung-ju passed out from hypoglycemia, so he gave him sugar via coffee. The investigators are irked because no sugar was found on the scene at the time. Outside the room where Seo Byung-ju had hypoglycemia, a part of his glasses are on the stairs. Flashbacks show Han Joon-hwi swapping the glasses. In the present, Yang Joon-hoon walks up to Han Joon-hwi and claims that he committed the murder.

The episode then moves to October 5, 2020, the day of the incident. Yang Joon-hoon receives a disturbing video of the unsolved hit-and-run and realises the incident is linked to Seo Byung-ju. He recognises the registration plate and checks out the estate agent across from where the hit-and-run happened. In the present day, Yang Joon-hoon knows that Han Joon-hwi sent him the video.

A second autopsy requested

The story now weighs up two suspects to entice the audience — Law School gives the audience plenty to think about.

With all eyes now on Han Joon-hwi, his auntie tells him to sign an agreement to withdraw himself from his uncle’s inheritance. Han Joon-hwi trades back bitter words — this family is dysfunctional to the core. Meanwhile, Yang Joon-hoon asks investigators to do a second autopsy because Seo Byung-ju’s glasses were switched. He wants them to play out the theory that he fell down the stairs and broke his glasses. The aunt approves the second autopsy. Causing an argument with the Vice Dean, Kim Eun-suk wants to defend Yang Joon-hoon herself, but she is denied as it looks like the university is “protecting their own”.

An uncle and niece at war

A flashback shows Han Joon-hwi confronting his uncle regarding the hit-and-run case, sending him the video that proves it was his car. Seo Byung-ju is in shock as his own family member confronts him angrily. In the present day, Han Joon-hwi ends up in a back and forth conversation with child rapist Lee Man-ho, the witness to the hit-and-run. It’s a strange story how an ex-convict is so strongly present around these characters but it kind of works.

Visiting Professor Yang

Seo’s wife visits Yang Joon-hoon in prison and tells him that she believes Han Joon-hwi killed her husband because he wanted his inheritance early.  Afterwards, Kang Sol A visits Professor Yang in prison and confirms that Lee Man-ho has a solid alibi during Seo’s murder. All eyes are still on Han Joon-hwi. The investigators ask Han Joon-hwi directly if he killed his uncle. Han Joon-hwi smugly states that if he is a suspect, they will have to let Professor Yang go.

Grades are out

Of course, as part of this series, there are law students trying to pass the bar…let’s not forget that…

At University, the second-semester midterm grades are released. The students muse over their results. Seung-jae got the highest in class. Kang Sol A is feeling bad over her grades and hopes she will do better in the finals. Ji-ho lands the truth bomb that only half the students ever pass the bar. Professor Kang tells them all they can be no objections to their grades.

Attacked in the showers

And then Law School episode 3 takes a dark and dangerous turn for one of the lead characters.

Professor Yang tells the investigators that the sugar packet and his laptop disappeared from that day and need to look into it. Afterwards, in prison, Yang Joon-hoon is brutally stabbed in the shower room. A man he put in prison attacked him.

The ending

Kim Eun-suk learns of the attacks on Professor Yang. She heads to the hospital with Han Joon-hwi and Seung-jae. The professor needs blood badly, and they are looking for a match. Yang’s blood pressure drops, and he needs medical assistance. They need an O Rh-negative blood type.

Meanwhile, the second autopsy is underway while Professor Yang struggles to stay alive. As the episode ends, Lee Man-ho rings Han Joon-hwi and tells him that his blood can save Yang’s life. He wonders who would benefit if Professor Yang dies. Lee Man-ho states that if Han Joon-hwi benefits from this, he will not give him his blood. Han Joon-hwi looks at his uncle’s glasses as Lee Man-ho waits for a decision — he tells Lee Man-ho not to give blood and wait to see what happens. This story gets murkier with each chapter.

The k-drama series keeps throwing spanners at the audience as Law School episode 3 thickens the story, bringing more questions than answers. It’s an enticing experience so far.

Additional points
  • Kang Sol A learns that Lee Man-ho near her family after her sister saw her.
  • At university, Han Joon-hwi is getting taunted as a “law school murderer.”

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