Law School episode 4 recap – [spoiler] manipulated the autopsy results

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 22, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 4


Episode 4 throws many twists and turns, which may sway audiences down a frustrating path; however, there’s no denying that it keeps us on our toes.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 4 contains spoilers.

Like How to Get Away with Murder, this k-drama series does enjoy its twist and turns — it is best to go into each episode expecting the unexpected as it is easy to get lost in it all. Especially with the pace it runs at.

Law School episode 4 starts on March 2, 2020 – Hankuk Law School Entrance Ceremony. Professor Seo has donated to the school after he was acquitted at the Supreme Court — he feels he owes the law for doing the right thing — meanwhile, Professor Yang doubts the law on this occasion. Kang Song B admits the new students on their behalf as part of the ceremony.

Blood transfusion

The episode moves to the present day, and Professor Yang is still in critical condition, as we learned in the last chapter. Kang Song A is fretting, knowing her sister has the same blood type and how rare it is. Han Joon-hwi reassures her she will be fine. The following scenes show Lee Man-ho giving Professor Yang a blood transfusion, even though there were suggestions that Han Joon-hwi told him not to. Professor Yang recovers, and the blood donor is anonymous.

The second autopsy report

Professor Yang reads the second autopsy, and they found a brain hematoma in the deceased body of Professor Seo. He feels it was deliberately left out the first time. The original medical examiner quit and left the country, so the prosecution team could not determine why they left out the crucial information. After reading the report, he video calls the prisoner that stabbed him and asks who ordered the attack; he weirdly gives him legal advice to reduce his sentencing. Afterward, Professor Yang asks for his arrest warrant to be canceled due to the second autopsy.

This character is so precise at navigating the law.

Professor Yang goes on the offense

Outside of the hospital, Professor Yang tells the press that he’s going to sue Prosecutor Jin Hyeong-u for publicizing facts about his alleged crime. He then returns to the law school in his wheelchair and enters a class, relaying a case about sexual assault and self-defense. The class is clearly unprepared. Kang Sol A is asked to answer questions about the case. Professor Yang tells Kang Sol A to question the case rather than understand it, which turns out to be good advice later in the chapter.

A new assignment

Han Joon-hwi joins the class, and Professor Yang talks about Professor Seo’s case and highlights how they are both victims. He wants the class to determine who is more suspicious based on the law.

Han Joon-hwi’s side of the story

Scenes show a tussle on the stairs between Han Joon-hwi and his uncle. Seo falls down the stairs, and Han Joon-hwi rings the emergency services. Professor Seo manages to get up, and he locks himself in a room, and his head is clearly hurting him. Han Joon-hwi tells this story to Professor Yang, and he regrets not taking his uncle to the hospital immediately.

Back in class, and students deliberate over the case of Professor Seo. They discuss the motives and the suspiciousness of both suspects. Kang Sol A raises her problems in discussing this case, but Professor Yang ignores her and continues with the class.

It’s compelling how Yang uses a live murder case that he is a part of, but we can only presume that this is good practice for the students.

Rare blood type

Lee Man-ho tells Professor Yang that he donated his blood to him to save his life. The professor is shocked and knows this leaves him in a strange place. He senses that Lee Man-ho had a reason to save his life and walks off.

Top marks

Kang Sol A learns she got the highest grade in the class. She’s in shock. Meanwhile, Kang Sol B is berated by her mother for getting a lower grade than her roommate. In class, Professor Yang tells Kang Sol A that she’d have got the full marks if she handed in the assignment on time.

The ending

Kang Sol A meets the medical examiner that did the second autopsy; she asks about the possibility that the first medical examiner manipulated the report. The medical examiner denies that could have happened and walks out. However, she keeps on digging.

Due to the unwanted attention, the board decides to stop Professor Yang from teaching. Some board members want him fired. It’s also revealed that Han Joon-hwi handed in his withdrawal form and will be leaving the law school. Meanwhile, Han Joon-hwi visits his uncle’s ashes. The aunt accuses him of conspiring with Professor Yang. The professor shows up and asks why she got her husband cremated. He believes she manipulated the autopsy results and states it was a different corpse; he has phone recordings of her working with the medical examiners on the “cause.” It seems that Kang Sol A’s digging has paid off. Han Joon-hwi is no longer a suspect, but Professor Yang is still dismissed from the school.

As the episode ends, Professor Yang gets an email titled “Your Copyright Enquiry.” He clicks on a folder that says “Kang Sol B’s plagiarized dissertation.” Professor Yang knows this is linked to the Vice Dean.

Law School episode 4 throws many twists and turns, which may sway audiences down a frustrating path; however, there’s no denying that it keeps us on our toes.

Additional points
  • Seo’s wife heads into school and repeatedly slaps Han Joon-hwi, accusing him of killing his uncle. She breaks down on the floor.
  • Kang Sol B has feelings for Han Joon-hwi.
  • Flashback scenes show how Han Joon-hwi played with Lee Man-ho to get him to donate blood.

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