Law School episode 5 recap – all eyes on Kang Sol B

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 28, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 5


Now that the magic has worn off, Law School muddles with the plot too much, and episode 5 grows tired of going in circles — this series needs to get to the point and quickly.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 5 contains spoilers.

Episode 5 opens up with Professor Yang looking into the plagiarism case, leaving us where we were in the last episode. Flashbacks show Kang Sol B challenging the Vice Dean in class about the rights to bring laptops. In the present day, Kang Ju-man is looking at Kang Sol B’s laptop and wonders when she will pick it up. He receives an email from the Korea Copyright Commission regarding the plagiarized dissertation of Kang Sol B. Professor Yang asks Kang Ju-man about his laptop, which went missing with the murder case, and has his views on the plagiarized dissertation — he wonders if Kang Sol B took it. Meanwhile, Kang Sol B is being berated by her mother due to her recent grades and detests her being in the company of Kang Sol A.

Like previous episodes, Law School focuses on a specific character, and all eyes appear to be on Kang Sol B in episode 5.

Kang Sol B’s side of the story

But like everything in this series, there are two sides to every story.

At the law school, rumors circulate that the person who took Professor Yang’s laptop is the culprit of the murder case. Kang Sol B’s mother visits the law school and states she is not happy that a professor with murder charges teaches her daughter and expresses her anger to Professor Yang. She protests her daughter’s innocent, claiming she has a legal brain — she claims that her daughter helped prepare the paper for Professor Seo as a Middle-Schooler. It was then used in a contest; she had no idea her material would be used for that. Professor Yang talks to Kang Sol B about the paper, and she confirms the same narrative.

Further flashbacks show that both Kang Sol B and Kang Ju-man saw the sugar packet with Professor Seo — why didn’t either say anything to the police? Kang Sol B believes that Kang Ju-man wanted Professor Yang to be a suspect. At this stage, everyone is going to be a suspect.

The Legal Clinic

There’s a legal clinic in Law School that gives the students the chance to monitor cases — episode 5 gives something for Kang Sol A to care about.

Kang Sol A and Han Joon-hwi meet a single mother at the legal clinic about her trouble with child support. She used a website to shame the father and the system, but Han Joon-hwi remarks that the mother is a defendant, not a victim in this situation, and has a libel case against her for publishing information on other parents. However, Kang Sol A sympathizes with the single mother and gets to work in the library to see if she can help her. Even with Professor Yang and Han Joon-hwi stating the single mother has no case, the stubborn Kang Sol A refuses to give up.

Later on, Kang Sol A goes over her ideas with Han Joon-hwi — she believes that if they do not prove that the single mother is a victim, then parents who abandon their children will feel armored by this case.

Kang Sol B calls her mother’s bluff

The dysfunctionality of Kang Sol B’s family life really comes to fruition in episode 5 — this family has many problems.

At home, Kang Sol B is tired of her mother’s ways and packs a suitcase to leave. Her mother becomes mentally abusive and pours loads of medication down her throat to get her to stay. Kang Sol B cruelly tells her to swallow all of the pills. She’s calling her bluff. Her father, Kang Ju-man, returns home and sees the commotion, and Kang Sol B states she’s heading back to the dorms — her father helps her. She asks her father if he lost the laptop and asks what he will do with the made-up laptop.

There’s hope for the single mother 

Kang Sol A speaks to Professor Yang about her case and realizes that the single mother did not publish information only on her ex-husband and that she published information of various cases to highlight a public problem — she has found a loophole in the case. This is not personal revenge.

The ending 

Professor Yang gives a group of students a list of evidence from the prosecutor’s murder case — they discuss the suitability of the evidence and which they should approve or disprove. Yang’s lawyer is fretting that the students are going over all the evidence. Professor Yang wants to disprove Professor Kang’s evidence first and call him to the stand after changing his alibi — Professor Yang then gets a test from Kang Ju-man offering to give the laptop back, but he wants to talk. Kang Sol B panics and tries to find both professors.

Professor Yang meets Kang Ju-man — the Vice Dean admits he brought the sugar packet that day for Professor Seo. Flashbacks show the Vice Dean checking up on Professor Seo and asking how he is regarding the mock trial. Professor Seo brought up his daughter’s paper and claimed she copied it to get into the law school. The Vice-Dean reminds Professor Seo that he bribed the school and made a donation so he could teach — Seo trades words back, mocking Kang Ju-man, and states he feels sorry for his wife — he tells the Vice Dean that his daughter could’ve stopped getting involved with the paper.

Their conversation was disrupted by a call from Professor Yang, leaving Kang Ju-man to stew – he then sees a bag of illegal drugs that Professor Seo left — the implication is that he poured the meth in Professor Seo’s coffee. Kang u-man tells Professor Yang that he killed Professor Seo. Whether he did or not is a different question.

Now that the magic has worn off, Law School muddles with the plot too much, and episode 5 grows tired of going in circles — this series needs to get to the point and quickly.

The Lawyer Casebook
  • At school, a class by Professor Kang is canceled because he’s “sick.” We also learn that Kang Sol B has got her laptop back from the security guard.

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