Law School episode 6 recap – Kang Sol B stops her father in court

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 29, 2021
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the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 6


Episode 6 is a stronger chapter that relies on the strength of the characters rather than muddling with the plot to an extreme degree — let’s hope it stays this way.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Law School episode 6 contains spoilers.

After the last episode, I felt tired with this series muddling with the plot points — it seems to be the show’s main theme to go over the same issues, over and over again. Let’s hope it gets stronger as the series progresses as I liked this chapter — there felt to be a purpose to it coupled with an emotional angle. Law School Episode 6 begins with Kang Sol A’s sister walking into Lee Man-ho in the streets — he approaches her menacingly. She’s scared, so she squirts pepper spray into his eyes before running off. However, as she runs off, she leaves her phone behind.

At the police station, Kang Sol A is warned that she cannot share photos of Lee Man-ho in a group chat and bring up his criminal past — it’s the law. She argues that she’s trying to protect other children. Han Joon-hwi backs the police up, and Kang Sol A is outraged that the law is on the side of the sex offender. Lee Man-ho enters the station and states that Kang Sol A’s sister hurt him — Kang Sol A is spooked, learning that Lee Man-ho has been spying on her home.

Professor Yang believes the Vice Dean is drunk

Episode 6 then reverts to the main storyline that was left in shocking circumstances in episode 5.

Vice Dean Kang Ju-man tells Professor Yang how he tampered with the evidence to frame him — he claims he killed Professor Seo. Professor Yang believes that Kang Ju-man is drunk and asks if they can continue the conversation later. At home, Kang Sol B is worried about the whereabouts of her father — she remembers the conversation with her father about Professor Seo and the sugar packet. Professor Yang brings Kang Ju-man home as he is clearly not fit to look after himself.

When Kang Ju-man wakes up, his daughter asks what he and Professor Yang spoke about. Now that Professor Yang knows who the Vice Dean’s daughter is, it changes everything.

Kang Sol B asks Professor Yang to keep it quiet about her father 

It seems strange how Professor Yang has a way out of his trial, yet seems to press Kang Ju-man on his claims — it’s almost like he knows the Vice Dean isn’t the killer.

At the law school, Kang Sol B tells Professor Yang not to tell anyone that she is Professor Kang’s daughter. She claims she has not received special treatment. Professor Yang still feels something is strange with a link between the murder case and the plagiarism. Kim Eun-suk speaks to Professor Yang after, and she believes that Kang Sol B committed plagiarism — from middle schooler to the contest, the gap is 10 years. Professor Yang asks how far you would go to protect your own child. Great question, which leads to a better answer. Afterward, Professor Yang tells Kang Ju-man that his confession will not prove his innocence as there’s no evidence. He asks him to attend his trial.

Professor Yang’s first trial

Law School Episode 6 begins the trial against Professor Yang for the murder of Professor Seo — he pleads not guilty. The prosecution wants the Professor arrested, so he doesn’t tamper with evidence. Professor Yang gets out his laptop, stating that he knows the prosecution has been looking for it. Kang Ju-man takes the stand, and his daughter panics and rushes to the court — she’s worried about what he’s going to say about the laptop. The Vice-Dean tells the court that he lied in his original statement to the police. He explains that the sugar packet was there and that it was his — he shows the opened packet to the court.

The Vice-Dean tries to confess to the court

Kang Ju-man tells the court he wanted the investigators to suspect that Professor Yang was the murderer. As he’s about to confess to killing Professor Seo — Kang Sol B’s voice can be heard through Professor Yang’s phone — she’s telling her father not to say anything. Professor Yang puts the phone down and apologizes for putting it on the loudspeaker. The defense counsel tells Kang Ju-man to answer the question again, but this time Kang Sol A stands up and tells him to listen to his daughter.

Pausing the session

And then we learn the reasons why Kang Ju-man wants to confess to murder so much, and it was hinted earlier when Professor Yang debated how far a parent would go for their children.

Kang Sol B enters the courtroom, which pauses the session. Privately, she asks her father if he thinks she stole Professor Yang’s laptop. She believed he stole it. She also states that he thought she got rid of the sugar packet as well. Kang Sol B realizes he withdrew his alibi because of her — she tells him that she didn’t kill Professor Seo, so he doesn’t need to lie for her. Back in session, the defense and prosecution argue over the cross-examination. Professor Yang speaks up and claims the witness is allowed to amend his testimony. The prosecution wants to review Kang Ju-man’s credibility — the judge agrees that Kang Ju-man’s credibility should be evaluated, but the cross-examination should continue. Afterward, Kang Sol B thanks Professor Yang for helping her stop her father.

The ending

Professor Yang tells Kang Ju-man to rip up his resignation letter. The Vice-Dean asks the professor how did he know that he didn’t kill Professor Seo. Flashbacks show that Kang Ju-man threw away the coffee before allowing Professor Seo to drink it. Professor Yang saw the sugar packet on the floor, unopened before the police go there. He also didn’t set a password on his laptop, and Kang Ju-man claimed he hacked into it.

Kang Sol A tells Han Joon-hwi that Lee Man-ho is using her sister to try and find his son. Han Joon-hwi gives her a book, and inside is a piece of paper that says Kang Dan — it’s a letter to Professor Yang.

Kang Sol A visits Professor Yang and shows him the letter — before she entered his office, Professor Yang had answered a phone call and put it on loudspeaker (he likes doing that) — they hear someone speak and say, “it’s Kang Dan”.

Law School episode 6 is a stronger chapter that relies on the strength of the characters rather than muddling with the plot to an extreme degree — let’s hope it stays this way.

Additional points
  • In the middle of the night, Kang Sol A finds Han Joon-hwi outside, and she’s curious about what he’s up to. She believes he was outside to make sure she and her sister were okay, but Han Joon-hwi denies that is the case — both characters keep teasing each other.
  • Kang Sol A and Han Joon-hwi see Ye-seul getting harassed by her boyfriend near the law school. He’s clearly an abusive man.

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