Grudge (2021) review – a grudge-fuelled Turkish delight

October 9, 2021
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Grudge is tight, compelling, and vengeful!



Grudge is tight, compelling, and vengeful!

This review of the Netflix film Grudge (2021) does not contain spoilers.

Before we start, let me ask you something. We all want to be a hero on the good side. What if it turns out that we are a villain on the bad side?

Netflix’s Grudge (2021) (originally titled “Kin”) is a Turkish thriller directed by Türkan Derya. It’s a story of a police chief officer (Yilmaz Erdogan) who gets embroiled in a fatal incident ahead of his promotion. Later, he uncovers a grudge-fueled plot that threatens his associates. Other than grudges, obviously, “Everyone’s a little guilty until our suspicions are eliminated.” is the main narrative of Grudge.

Grudge is tight, compelling, and vengeful! The duration is 1 hour 46 minutes long but the good thing about this movie is that we don’t have to wait until halfway to fully understand what’s happening. The story uncovers itself. It’s a fast-paced drama full of twists and shouts that keeping you invested as if you are a part of the investigation. The story itself may not have come as original in its field, but rather than a heavy serial killer that bombs the entire city, Grudge remains genuine and humane. It offers a rich background story and motives for each central character and starts with a strong pivot. As the story progresses, we come to understand that everyone is a victim.

Unfortunately, although the plot is compelling, the writing gets slightly weaker towards the end. The major twist is somehow predictable and fails to gain momentum. It’s like the writer is trying to give us a tiny piece of paper as a clue but ends up dropping the entire file on us unintentionally. But on the good side, Grudge is gifted with a solid ensemble. All the actors embody their characters which strengthens and drives the story, giving it justice and making everything intriguing till the end. I thank God for subtitles as the bridge that introduces to more thrilling movies from foreign countries. All the dialogues are well-crafted. Not to mention the heavy mustache and the kick-and-punch, but what I like is that Grudge is not overdramatic nor bland. Everything is well-balanced.

Acting-wise, Yilmaz Erdogan simply carries the whole movie. He gives a stellar performance as Harun. He brings the character to life as if Harun is meant for him in the first place, from the body language to his micro-expressions. What I find endearing is that Harun is projected as a mixture of stoicism and torture. A respectful man that is portrayed with high integrity and wisdom. But on the other side, we also witness his vulnerability when it comes to facing his guilt while battling the temptation to violate and hide from the law.

But let’s not forget to give props to the scene-stealer of the show, Duygu Sarasin. She may have a smaller screen time since you won’t get to see her until halfway through the movie, but the range of emotions and her presence alone leaves a big impact on the entire ensemble! Last but not least, Cem Yegit Uzumogl gives a charming performance that you need to keep an eye on! 

Grudge consists of all the elements of mid-crime drama that you asked for. The dramatic cinematography and tones, the heavy 1990’s thriller movie scoring with lots of bass and sequences, and the thrilling confrontations. If you’re watching Grudge, then let me tell you a little secret: the first 20 minutes are everything.

So to sum it all, never hold your grudges, okay? 

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